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Rock & Bowl at Newly Reopened Asbury Lanes

Once hailed as a standout Asbury Park hangout, Asbury Lanes is finally set to open its doors once again this month. The historic bowling alley is getting a makeover to honor its legendary past while celebrating its modern future; known for wild and memorable nights of musical acts and strings of strikes.

“Everyone has an Asbury Lanes story,” shared David Bowd, of Salt Hotels, who will operate the venture.

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“Emotions ran higher with this project than with anything we’ve undertaken. What mattered to them matters to us; keeping the soul of this incredible venue while making changes necessary to guarantee it’s future,” Bowd said.

asbury lanesAt its start, back in the 1960s, Asbury Lanes was home to an 18-lane bowling alley. Eventually, it evolved into a musical breeding ground for up-and-coming musicians and bands.

From rock to punk artists, booking a gig at the venue meant finally getting a foot in the door to Asbury’s grassroots music scene. Fans of Asbury Lanes would also flock to the intimate space to get up close and personal to the notable performers.

Asbury Lanes Reimagined

Almost six decades later, iStar, the developer behind the project, is giving the place a total makeover; while preserving the club’s legendary status, of course.

Big changes include a brand new custom-built bowling set up, a 24-hour diner, a bigger stage for concerts; and a “secret passage” to conveniently help patrons cross from the lanes to The Asbury hotel.

“I had visited Asbury Park many years ago when I first came to America for a concert with friends; and fell in love with the destination immediately. But I noticed there was nowhere great to stay,” says Bowd. He is also part owner and operator of the hotel.

“The connected Asbury Lanes project, which I am also operating, is exciting because it’s an iconic venue within the community; that really allows us to dive into the city’s rich music heritage.”

iStar, alongside concert booking partner, The Bowery Presents, recently announced the musical performers headlining the Jersey Shore venue.

In addition, event info and venue details can be found at the Asbury Lanes website. Meanwhile, for concert details, you can click here.

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