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Project Runway Winner Irina Shabayeva Discusses the Power of Fashion

Though some may not consider fashion a vital aspect of their lifestyle, it actually plays a large role in everyone’s day-to-day life. We often use our fashion even when we don’t realize it; from dressing up for work to dressing down when casually hanging out with friends around the house. The impact of fashion, and its effect on women in particular, is something designer Irina Shabayeva feels very strongly about.

Most designers across the country agree that clothes are excellent mediums for women, especially, to express themselves; one can tell a lot about a person by considering their fashion choices. Different ensembles allow women to stand out and feel unique, and wearing particular outfits can even boost a person’s confidence.

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Fashion designer and season six Project Runway winner, Irina Shabayeva, explains all of this and more while sitting down for an episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis.

This episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis was made possible thanks to Shop Rite.

Shabayeva says that, since her success from Project Runway, she has begun designing clothes; her clothes are for women who want to be different, stand out, and express who they really are. She explains that, for clothing, she loves prints, patterns and silhouettes, but she also celebrates the natural curves in women and designs her clothes in order to be adequate for the everyday woman.

“I think being a woman is beautiful, and we should all embrace it,” Shabayeva states, adding that a woman should never deprive herself of food or other luxuries in order to be something she naturally is not, because all women are beautiful.

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