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PLAY NYC is New York's First Dedicated Games Convention

Back in the days when video games were first introduced into the home, it’s fair to say they… weren’t very complicated. Titles like Pong, Pac-Man and Tetris cemented themselves as ultimate classics, but gaming rapidly evolved into more complex designs that — fast forward to today — have since attracted a mainstream audience as well as young programmers who aspire to create games themselves. Both groups will converge at PLAY NYC in August.
Gaming/Entertainment conventions are one of the most popular types of events in America right now. From major events like the Penny Arcade Expo to smaller showcases such as the Rooster Teeth Expo, gamers from every corner of the country typically don’t have to travel far to find a group of like-minded individuals they can celebrate their hobby with. This will soon be even more true for New Jersey and New York-based gamers; taking place at Terminal 5 from August 19-20, PLAY NYC describes itself as “featuring the latest releases from studios large and small, and from developers old and new, PLAY NYC celebrates every facet of gaming in a way that only the Big Apple can.”

With about a month and a half of announcements left until the convention takes place, PLAY NYC is already showcasing an impressive list of highlights; these include three floors of playable games, over 100 attending developers and at least 20 talks hosted by influential members of the gaming industry. The event was designed to be exciting for both gamers and young developers, offering a number of panels, courses and demos that encourage attendees to not just enjoy games, but learn how to make them.
PLAY NYC is organized and hosted by Playcrafting, a company that offers game development classes and courses across New York, Boston, San Francisco and Seattle. Individual classes are usually a couple hours long and cost between $25-40, whereas courses are much more involved; courses are typically 2.5 hours per night, twice a week, for eight weeks (pricing varies by course). The curriculum offered has many classes suited to both beginners with zero training, as well as experienced developers looking to learn something new.
PLAY NYC Games Convention
A sample of some of the confirmed attending developers include Avalanche Studios, Simple Machine and the NYU Game Center.

Pricing for PLAY NYC is broken down into two types of tickets: General Admission and the “Devs & Pros” pass. General admission pricing for early birds (tickets purchased before July 21) is $20 for a single day ticket and includes access to all 3 floors of the convention as well as the Playcrafting after party. Weekend passes are available for $47.55 after fees and service charges. A Family 4-pack weekend pass costs $167 after fees and service charges, which ends up saving over $20 bucks for groups that want to go together. The Devs & Pros pass requires industry professionals to fill out an online application form and grants additional access to all Talks & Panels plus private networking events.
For updates about PLAY NYC, follow Playcrafting on Twitter and Facebook, or use the hashtag #PlayNYC.