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NJ Celebs Share their Favorite Romantic Comedy Picks – Part Three

You know you’ve got a favorite. More likely, you have several. Those movies that are absolute kryptonite to channel surfing. The ones that make you stop mid-click and hold steady. It’s hard to admit, but they’re more than just some old romantic comedy. They’re romantic comedies that you’ve already seen about a thousand times before, yet whenever you stumble across one, you can’t help but watch it again. And again. And again!

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one who is addicted to comfort films. Familiar feel-good fare is good for the soul, and everyone has a favorite. As a matter of fact, Best of NJ reached out to a whole bunch of New Jersey celebrities to discover the movies that top their “All-Time Favorite Romantic Comedy” lists. From classics to a few surprises, this list will tell you which celebrities share your tastes, and maybe introduce you to a new favorite or two.

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Romantic Comedy

Connie Francis

Connection to New Jersey: Born in Newark.
Claim to fame: A writer/actress/top-charting female vocalist known for her songs “Who’s Sorry Now?,” “Stupid Cupid,” “Lipstick on Your Collar,” “Where the Boys Are,” and “My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own.”
Favorite romantic comedy: The Heartbreak Kid.
“My favorite romantic comedy is The Heartbreak Kid, the old version with Charles Grodin. I could watch that movie 10 times and laugh as heartily as I did the first time I saw it.”

Romantic Comedy

David Sancious

Connection to New Jersey: Born in Asbury Park, David was the only member of the E Street Band who actually lived on E Street.
Claim to fame: A multi-instrumentalist Rock and Roll Hall of Famer known for his solo repertoire as well as his work with the E Street Band, Jon Anderson, Santana, Eric Clapton, Peter Gabriel, Sting, and many others. Additionally, David was a Final Jeopardy answer on the long-running game show.
Favorite romantic comedy: Love Actually.
Love Actually is a beautifully written story. The acting from the entire cast is great, and I love the way it ends.”

Romantic Comedy

Janet Evanovich

Connection to New Jersey: Born in South River.
Claim to fame: An author best known for her massively successful contemporary mysteries that feature Trenton bounty hunter, Stephanie Plum.
Favorite romantic comedy: America’s Sweethearts and New in Town.
“I actually have a tie between America’s Sweethearts and New in Town. I love the lead actors in these movies, but I also really love the supporting cast. There’s a scene in America’s Sweethearts where Julia Roberts is in a state and is eating everything! She’s yelling for extra butter for her pancakes and she’s shoving it all into her mouth. It’s great! It could be me!!”

Amy Locane

Romantic ComedyConnection to New Jersey: Born in Trenton and currently resides in New Jersey.
Claim to fame: An actress known for her work in Cry-Baby, Melrose Place, School Ties, Air Heads, and Blue Sky.
Favorite romantic comedy: Pretty Woman.
“I would have to say my all-time favorite romantic comedy is Pretty Woman. I like the Cinderella, from rags to riches, nature of the film and I also absolutely adore Julia Roberts in that superstar performance. Even though it’s an older film, I can watch it today, and still laugh out loud!”

Richard X. Heyman

Romantic ComedyConnection to New Jersey: Born in Plainfield.
Claim to fame: A multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter who is part of New Jersey’s legendary 60s band, The Doughboys. He has worked with The Shangri-Las’ Mary Weiss, Ben E. King, Brian Wilson, and many others.
Favorite romantic comedy: Lost in America.
Lost in America was written and directed by Albert Brooks and it stars Albert Brooks and Julie Hagerty. The premise: A young yuppie married couple in 1980’s America hits the road to find themselves. Well first, let’s start with the comedy aspect, I don’t think I’ve laughed out loud so many times for any other movie. And then there’s the romantic side, Julie Hagerty is perfectly cast as the wife (*spoiler alert*) who has, shall we say, a little problem with gambling. She’s hilarious, along with Albert, and the rest of the memorable characters with whom they cross paths while they’re lost in America… I swear I’ve seen this movie 20 times and it’s never not hysterical.”

Romantic Comedy

Heather McComb

Connection to New Jersey: Born in South Jersey.
Claim to fame: An actress/producer/executive known for her work in New York Stories, The Outsiders, Party of Five, and Ray Donovan.
Favorite romantic comedy: When Harry Met Sally.
“I absolutely love Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan’s chemistry. Anytime I put this movie on, it just makes me laugh. I love how real and truthful they portray relationships in this film. The restaurant scene still makes me laugh despite seeing this movie 100 times.”

Jillian Rhys McCoy

Romantic ComedyConnection to New Jersey: Jillian’s family settled on the Jersey Shore in the early 1900s. She was born in Long Branch and raised in Oceanport.
Claim to fame: A versatile vocalist who has either covered, paid tribute to or performed with countless legendary artists such as Bobby Bandiera and Jon Bon Jovi.
Favorite romantic comedy: The Wedding Singer
“I think that Adam Sandler is one of the most hilarious and entertaining actors around. I enjoy pretty much everything that he is in. Also, this movie is set in the 1980s. They nailed the costume attire, and I love the music that they chose. Who doesn’t want to watch a ninety-year-old woman covering ‘Rappers Delight?’ But, lastly, I cannot ignore the innocence of Adam and Drew Barrymore’s characters. The two of them are so in love. They are both super adorable separately, but even more so together. I love that Billy Idol helps fight for them in the end. This movie will no doubt end up being a classic comedy from our time.”