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Haunted NJ: The Series

As Halloween approaches each year, everyone gets the itch to start searching for scary places. At Best of NJ, we’ve put together a list of some of the Garden State’s most terrifying haunts. (Minor pun intended.) From horrifying houses like the Seabrook-Wilson estate, to researching the lore of the Jersey Devil, to a deranged tour of the Overbrook Asylum, our Haunted NJ series is sure to keep you up at night.

New Jersey’s Most Haunted Attractions


The Seabrook-Wilson House

The house creaks with footsteps of long dead souls. Whispered secrets of war still echo softly against the walls. A female phantom appears, clutching her crying baby and vanishes. In the shadows creeps a devil-worshiping sea captain. A ghostly child peers out from the second story window. This is what you’ll find if you dare enter the Seabrook-Wilson House, the most haunted place in America…

Clinton Road

You don’t need a ticket. You don’t need special permission from the historical society. You don’t even need a crowbar and steel-toed boots to explore one of the most haunted places in the country. To experience the ten miles of terror of that is Clinton Road, you need only a car full of gas and a belly full of courage. Legends of the ten-mile stretch of horror vary greatly, from gruesome to just plain interesting…

The Overbrook Asylum

It’s off-limits, dangerous and smells of rotting basements. So what makes the old Essex County Hospital of Cedar Grove — aka, Overbrook Asylum or “The Bin” — so intriguing? “Hollywood would be hard-pressed to make a fake asylum as eerie as Overbrook,” said photographer and Antiquity Echoes co-author Rusty Tagliareni. “The first time I was inside I knew I had to film this. I wanted everyone to see what I saw”…

The Jersey Devil

You undoubtedly know the name, even if you don’t know the legend. The Jersey Devil has become one of the icons of the Garden State, and there are regular sightings of the malformed demon throughout the area. While experts and skeptics argue over the creature’s existence, Best of NJ is uncovering the truth. There’s a lot more to the monster of the Pine Barrens than just ice hockey and grainy photographs…

Cape May’s Ghostly Hotspots

During the summer, Cape May is a place of sun and relaxation, but many vacationers don’t realize they’re actually sleeping with ghosts — hundreds of ghosts. Cape May, NJ is not only the most haunted town in the state, it may be the most haunted place in the country, with real spooky hotels that will make you shudder in fear. Cape May has attracted visitors (living and dead) for more than 400 years…

Ghost Hunting in Princeton

Princeton University has produced world leaders, top business professionals and every type of genius. And when these brilliant men and women pass away, they often come back to a place they loved, making the university and surrounding town one of New Jersey’s hottest ghost haunts. On Halloween, those interested in history can have a chat with some of Princeton’s most famous spirits…

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