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FOX News Anchor Shares Career Tips for Budding Journalists

Business and journalism go hand-in-hand. Both fields can be equally tumultuous, though ultimately equally rewarding; both complement each other and have major impacts on society. Many budding journalists flock to the profession and, once there, it’s often a lifetime commitment, usually for the better. Such is the story of one distinguished FOX News anchor who has dedicated herself to both journalism and the business world.

On this episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis, show host Joanna Gagis went on-location to the HudsonMOD 5th Anniversary Celebration to speak with FOX Business news anchor, Lauren Simonetti. They discussed business, the economy, her experiences as a journalist and advice she has for young people pursuing the same career.

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HudsonMOD is a luxury lifestyle magazine that covers celebrities and the best of New Jersey’s style and design. This year’s event featured a number of personalities with close relationships to the Garden State, including FOX’s favorite business anchor.

Simonetti, who began her career behind the camera as a producer, has eight years of experience as a FOX Business correspondent, where she regularly discusses topics of politics, economics and, of course, business. She also has extensive experience being an engaging anchor on the popular Good Day morning shows.

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“It’s fun and upbeat,” Simonetti said of the Good Day programs. “It’s more like the business news for a consumer, for the everyday person.”

Out of college, Simonetti explained that she struggled to find a job. It wasn’t until she was in graduate school that she was able to land a freelance position with CNN at the New York Stock Exchange. It was during this time that Simonetti fell in love with the world of business.

“I started to love business, and the reason why is money makes the world go round,” Simonetti said. “There’s a money angle to everything, and it doesn’t have to be wonky. And through Good Day New York, for instance, I’ve realized that it’s not wonky at all. It’s fascinating.”

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