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Investors Bank Helps Provide Education for Underprivileged Kids

New Jersey is one of the highest ranking states in the country in terms of the quality of education; however, sometimes that education is hard to come by for families in impoverished areas. Fortunately, tnonprofit organizations throughout the Garden State strive to aid underprivileged families. As well, Investors Bank, based out of Short Hills, has made it their mission to assist these nonprofits in their noble endeavors.

On this episode of Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato, show host Steve Adubato, PhD., sat down with the President and CEO of Investors Bank, Kevin Cummings, to discuss the importance of giving back to the community and why the Investors Foundation has pledged $20 million to nonprofit organizations throughout New Jersey.

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Cummings grew up in Jersey City and graduated from the city’s St. Peter’s Preparatory School, which has had a major impact on his life and his approach to being the CEO of the third-largest bank headquartered in New Jersey.

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“Being a man for others, being a leader who serves – not a self-serving leader – has been our motto here at the bank,” Cummings told Adubato. “We have our core values – character, commitment, community, cooperation – and we want to be a bank that makes a difference for our customers, our employees and the communities that we serve.”

Cummings and his company support a number of initiatives to help underprivileged or impoverished youth who want to make the most out of their education. One of the scholarships of which Cummings is a strong backer is The Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children.

“It’s a scholarship fund… through the Catholic Diocese of Newark,” said Cummings. “It provides scholarship funds to Catholic high schools in Bergen, Union, Hudson and Essex Counties. It’s a great program, and it’s all to kids of all denominations, all races.”

To learn about how Cummings and Investors Bank are improving communities across the state, check out this segment of Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato.

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