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This Denim Repair Company will Save Your Favorite Pair of Jeans

Two of the most difficult articles of clothing to shop for are bathing suits and jeans. So once you find the right pair of denim slacks, you never want to let them go. Unfortunately, jeans are not indestructible and, over time, they tend to rip and fray. However, one couple has founded their own denim repair company so that you never have to lose your favorite pair of jeans again.

On this episode of Life & Living with Joanna Gagis, Eric and Jill Goldstein, co-founders of DenimRepair.com, visited the set to tell show host Joanna Gagis about Eric’s decades of work with denim and why the couple saw the need for a unique denim repair company.

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The Denim is Always Right

Eric has had an extensive career in fashion, specializing in denim. His experience began at the Philadelphia College of Textiles & Science, a private college in the East Falls neighborhood, where he studied how to design, manufacture and produce a product, among other practices. Soon after graduating from college, Eric began working at Ralph Lauren, one of the largest American clothing companies in the world.

“I was recruited right out of college,” Eric said. “And I started the brand Double RL, which is still an active brand with Ralph Lauren.”

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Eric was responsible for launching the Double RL brand, a vintage-inspired line of clothing, shoes and accessories. Eric explained that he gained an invaluable amount of experience from his time with Ralph Lauren; as well as his 11 years at Gap and his time owning his own Jean Shop. (A made-to-order denim shop in New York City.) From there, owning his own denim repair company with his wife was a no-brainer.
DenimRepair.com utilizes special machinery that reweaves the fabric in your jeans in order to return those ravaged pairs to their former glory.

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