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Remember the old saying, “once in a blue moon?” That phrase refers to a rare and special event— an event that is worthy of being remembered, like your wedding. What better way to seal those precious memories forever than by commissioning a wedding video from Blue Moon Video Productions?

The Blue Moon team is all about storytelling. They appreciate the beauty of real-life love stories. As you and your new spouse pledge yourselves to each other, your Blue Moon videographer will be there; to capture that sweet, solemn moment with pristine clarity and artistic instinct.

Blue Moon really knows how to step up the cool factor for your wedding video. More than a disc, the video you receive will have its own cover and title, like a real movie. With the typical package, you’ll get your full “movie,” a highlight reel, and a “director’s cut.”

The Right Choice for Video

Blue Moon Video Productions also does an amazing job with photography. Blue Moon will blow you away with the unique flair and beautiful composition of your wedding photos. The studio prides itself on producing dramatic, cutting-edge photos that you want to enlarge and display in your home.

For its blend of modern style with classic elegance, Blue Moon Video Productions is well worth the investment. Be sure to ask them about their other services such as photo montages for display during your wedding reception. They also offer wedding movie posters, signing books, and wedding albums. They will even do a custom USB case in addition to the DVD case of your wedding movie.

Are you ready to get started with Blue Moon Video Productions? Visit their website and fill out the simple questionnaire and contact form; someone from the group will contact you shortly afterward.

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