Cafe 2825

Cafe 2825 Location Details:
Address: 2825 Atlantic Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ, 08401
Phone Number: 609-344-6913
Hours of Operation:
Tues-Sat: 4:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Sun-Mon: Closed

The Story Behind Cafe 2825

The Cafe 2825 family has been serving simple Italian-American cuisine since arriving from Brooklyn in 1986.

Since the start, their passion has been for quality. In fact, they source fresh, seasonal ingredients to create dishes which stay true to their Brooklyn and Southern Italian roots. When you dine at one of their 14 intimate, white-clothed tables, you’ll find an uncommon experience; one filled with warmth, friendliness and passion for good food and wine. They take pride in the preparation of every dish; this is why they still travel every week to their local Brooklyn neighborhood to source authentic ingredients.

Cafe 2825 is located one avenue inland from The Quarter at the Tropicana Casino. They offer a full bar and wine list featuring regional Italian and California varietals. On any given night, you will find their family ready to host you at their favorite table in Atlantic City, NJ.
Cafe 2825 Exterior

Table-side Cheese Preparation

With tableside preparations of Cacio e Pepe and fresh mozzarella, Chef Joey is innovating the way Italians do cheese.

According to Chef Joey, “Originally, we used to make the fresh burrata to order for our customers each night in our kitchen. Then one evening, we had a guest question if we really make the cheese homemade straight from the curd. Next thing you know, I am grabbing my bowl and the curd, yelling back to the kitchen to bring the hot water out to the dining room…We just didn’t see the point in making it in the kitchen ever since.

[The team believes] this experience is unlike one you can find anywhere else. We want guests to sense they are as close to fresh as they can get, and as close to home as they can feel. What better way than to bring the kitchen to the table.”

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