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Hiking Point Mountain

On Tuesday of this week, we went back to hike Point Mountain.

We wanted to do a real hike this time, not the cheating-park by the road-half way up the mountain-easy hike that we did last time. It was a great hike through some beautiful woodlands and up over a large but easy to climb rock face. When we got to the top we were amazed to find thousands of ladybugs swarming all over the rocks. We’d never seem that many ladybugs in one place ever. We came to find out that people were experiencing the same thing all over the state. In the video below you can see the ladybugs flying back and forth across the screen and if you look real close you might even see them crawling all over the rocks.

Point Mountain is one great hike if you haven’t done it. From the scenic overlook you can see all the way to the Delaware Water Gap. The main attraction is the beautiful countryside with its farms, country roads, barns and old white churches. The Mountain is part of the Hunterdon County Park System. The lookout is some 935 feet above sea level. To find out more about hiking Point Mountain see the Park website here. There’s also a great trail map that you don’t want to miss if you’re planning a trip there. Get it here.

To get there, take NJ Route 57 to Point Mountain Road and take a right. Follow this country road on past some great old barns and over the Musconetcong River. Just over the bridge you’ll see a parking lot on your left. Park and enjoy.