Planning an event is never easy. Whether you are planning a wedding or an event for work, there is a lot that goes into it. You have to arrange for food, drinks, a venue, and in many cases, music as well. Which brings us to the topic of this business directory. At Best of NJ, we curate a list of the best DJs in New Jersey. Of course, some folks prefer live music at their events, and we have a list of the best bands, too. But for this section in particular, we’re going to focus on helping you find the best DJs near you. Below, you’ll find a sample of our full list, which offers options from all across New Jersey.

First up, This Is It Entertainment is one of the premier DJs in New Jersey, no matter where you live. They travel all over NJ to provide clients with a unique and hard to forget entertainment experience. But don’t just take our word for it; visit their website for photos and films that showcase some of their past shows. Unlike some DJs, the team at This Is It provides more than just music. In fact, they can help you design and plan the sights and sounds of your entire event.

Meanwhile, if you would like to dazzle your guests with a night they’ll never forget, hire Love of Music Entertainment. The folks here are experts at crafting the right tunes to match your event and how your guests are feeling. In short, if you love music, then Love of Music is the team for you.