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How to Have a Rustic Chic Wedding

How to Throw a Rustic Chic Wedding

Are you a little bit country? Do you love haute couture as much as a good hoedown? Instead of saying “I do,” are you itching to say “Yeehaw” on your big day? If this describes your personality to a T,…

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How to Have a Sustainable Wedding

5 Pro Tips for a Sustainable Wedding

Are you looking to have a more environmentally conscious wedding — but the term “sustainable” calls to mind a less-than-glamorous affair? Don’t worry; you can most definitely cut back on the wedding waste without impacting the tone of your nuptials.…

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5 Hottest Bridal Hair Trends for Summer

5 Hottest Bridal Hair Trends for Summer

Looking your very best on your wedding day is no easy feat. First, you have to find the perfect gown. Then, of course, there are the shoes. And the jewelry. And something old. Something new. And all of it has…

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Paper Bouquet

The Best Trends for Creative Bridal Bouquets

If you’ve ever fantasized about your wedding day, you probably always imagined yourself walking down the aisle carrying a rose or calla lily floral bouquet. But, in today’s age of Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, brides-to-be have far more options on…

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Ways to Recycle Your Bridesmaid Gown

5 Ways to Recycle Your Bridesmaid Dress

We’ve all been there: Your newly engaged friend has asked you to be a bridesmaid in her wedding. Of course, you say yes. Why wouldn’t you? At first, you’re ecstatic…that is, until you see the poufy-sleeved, pink bridesmaid dress she’s…

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Love Ink Hero

The 5 Best Tips for Writing Your Own Vows

Long gone are the days of scripted wedding ceremonies. Today, more and more couples are opting to write their own vows. “Vows are the most important part of the ceremony because it’s the one part where you get to declare…

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Wedding on a Budget

The 6 Best Tips for a Dream Wedding on a Budget

Every little girl dreams about her fantasy wedding growing up. But after the proposal, most brides-to-be quickly realize that planning a fairy tale dream wedding isn’t quite as simple as it first appears in perfectly staged bridal magazines. “Most brides…

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Etiquette Hero

The 5 Best Tips for Making Nice With Your In-Laws

What bride hasn’t had her fair share of run-ins with her in-laws while planning a wedding? Still, regardless of whether your mother-in-law thinks the deejay is terrible, or your groom’s sister hates your dress, it’s important to remember that your…

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Rusty Nail

Best Places in NJ for Your Honeymoon

You’ve spent the last year planning every detail of your big day — from the seating charts to the music to the bridesmaid dresses. You’ve devoted countless hours to choosing wedding favors and centerpieces and writing heartfelt wedding vows. Now…

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