Wedding Dress Workout

The Wedding Dress Workout: 5 Moves for Every Bride

Every bride wants to look her very best on her big day. So regular exercise becomes a much higher priority while prepping to say, “I do.” But breaking a sweat (literally!) in the midst of wedding planning is no easy feat, especially when there are countless other tasks to cross off of your to-do list. […]

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Children Attending Wedding

Top Tips for Children’s Roles in the Wedding

Children can add a definite cute factor when it comes to filling important roles in a wedding. Whether it’s the flower girl walking down the aisle throwing flower petals from her basket, or the ring bearer balancing his little ring pillow, allowing kids to be part of the ceremony helps contribute to the feel of […]

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5 Pro Tips for Throwing a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Valentine’s Day is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic days of the year. Between go-to hallmarks of love like flowers, chocolates and champagne, really, how could you possibly go wrong? So, it’s only fitting that Valentine’s Day-themed nuptials are the perfect way to heighten an already amorous affair. “A Valentine’s Day wedding is […]

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Wedding Gifts

Wedding Registry Ideas for Modern Couples

Over the years, wedding gifts and registry ideas have evolved. Back in the 1980s, for example, tradition told a bride to stick to her checklist of such necessities as towels, a toaster, fine china, and Tupperware. Fast forward to 2016, however, and many modern couples are selecting personalized gifts related to food and travel, charity, […]

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A newlywed couple enjoy DJing music on their wedding day

Perfect Wedding Songs for an NJ Bride

Weddings have so many elements – big and small – to attend to that it’s often easy for the bride and groom to get distracted by the details. There’s food, flowers, cake, dresses, seating charts…the list just goes on and on. But, according to Michael Spinnato, the owner of Bernardsville-based entertainment company Eclipse Events, there […]

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Wedding Technology

Technology and the Wedding – Top Tips for Best Practices

Technology is part of our everyday lives. So naturally, it should follow that it influences one of the biggest occasions we experience—the wedding day. With the advent of social media, couples were content to share a few comments on Facebook, perhaps write a tweet or two, and even post some photos to Instagram. But today, […]

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wedding cake

The 5 Wedding Cake Trends to Watch in 2016

Gone are the days of serving simple, white-frosted, tiered wedding cakes after trading vows. Today’s couples have countless options to ensure their dessert course is every bit as stylish as the reception itself. “We can literally do anything,” says Lisa Rochelle, owner of Sweet Grace Cake Designs in Haworth. “It’s just a matter of what […]

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Winter bride with a bouquet of red roses

Winter Wedding Gowns For “Frozen” Brides

December is here and baby, it’s cold outside. More and more brides are choosing to celebrate amongst the silver snowflakes, white lights, and sparkling icicles on their special day. If you look at bridal fashions, you’ll see that designers are creating gowns that embody the winter wonderland theme. In the spirit of the season, I […]

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Creative Favors for Your Winter Wedding

New Jersey may be infamous for below-zero wind chills, but cold temperatures and snow-swept landscapes are exactly what makes The Garden State the perfect setting for a winter wonderland-themed wedding. So, rather than fretting about whether or not your guests will be snowed in when you say, ‘I do,’ try embracing the change in seasons […]

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