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Wedding Features

wedding cocktails

Unique Wedding Cocktails

Your wedding is your special day, so along with the special dress, special music, and special food, there should be special cocktails. It’s becoming more and more common for wedding venues to offer up signature cocktails instead of — or…

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bridal party

Bridal Party Gifts They’ll Actually Want

Are you in the midst of planning your wedding — and just now realizing that you have to also get gifts for the bridal party? Hey, it happens. I was this person last year frantically trying to find the best…

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november ceremony

Wedding Cake Ideas for a November Ceremony

Spring is fine and all — but November is one of the best, and most under-rated — times for a wedding. The weather is near-perfect. It’s right before the rush of the holiday season. Autumn’s vibrant copper and jewel tones…

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DIY Wedding

7 Simple DIY Wedding Ideas

Planning the perfect wedding is a time-consuming task — for even the simplest of affairs. Trying to relay exactly what you want to a venue or planner takes time, and more often than not, you could have used that time…

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Bridal Bouquet Trends for Fall

Bridal Bouquet Trends for Fall

Spring and summer are full of blooming buds. Choosing flowers for your bouquet during warmer months can be a no-brainer — after all, there are loads of colors and varieties in season. Come fall, though, you may feel your choices…

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How to Have a Rustic Chic Wedding

How to Throw a Rustic Chic Wedding

Are you a little bit country? Do you love haute couture as much as a good hoedown? Instead of saying “I do,” are you itching to say “Yeehaw” on your big day? If this describes your personality to a T,…

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How to Have a Sustainable Wedding

5 Pro Tips for a Sustainable Wedding

Are you looking to have a more environmentally conscious wedding — but the term “sustainable” calls to mind a less-than-glamorous affair? Don’t worry; you can most definitely cut back on the wedding waste without impacting the tone of your nuptials.…

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