Hoboken’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration takes place throughout the city on the first Saturday of March every year. The annual event invites people from all over the country to come experience Hoboken’s extensive bar scene, as well as their unparalleled vigor. Both undergrads and adults with full-time jobs lined up bright and early to get into their favorite bars and eateries, a trend which continued on through the night.

People dressed in green and orange, and other Irish-themed attire, were scattered throughout the city at the various establishments that welcomed their enthusiasm with open arms. By mid-day, bars were filled to capacity, blaring energetic music that ranged from Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” to Smash Mouth’s “All Star”.

As the day progressed, the splotches of green that were once meandering in the distance began to grow, as more patrons found their way into the city; Washington Street became a playground for those who completely succumbed to the grand, Irish culture. Even locals taking their dogs out for walks got into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, dressing their furry friends in green and orange.

This year, more than 20 of Hoboken’s top-rated bars participated in the St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. Those among them included traditional Irish pubs, of course, like Willie McBride’s, The Shannon, Mulligan’s, and The Dubliner, but there were also standard American Hoboken favorites, like House of ‘Que and 1 Republik. Groups of friends had a blast ricocheting from bar to pizzeria to bar, before heading back to the animated streets; Hoboken is lively on any given day, but the annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebration only amplifies the city’s usual vitality.

Since Hoboken no longer holds their St. Patrick’s Day Parade, they rely on the energy of this yearly celebration to help stimulate the city’s seasonal spirit during the month of March. With St. Patrick’s Day just over a week away, local shops and restaurants continue to plaster their establishments with shamrocks and leprechauns. Come March 17, the streets of Hoboken will likely once again flood with green-clad party-goers looking to engage in more St. Patrick’s Day festivities.

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