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The Best of

Hoboken Irish Festival

The Best of: Hoboken’s Irish Festival

On May 21, Frank Sinatra Park donned the colors of green, white and orange for an entire day of celebration of Irish culture. The Hoboken Irish Festival brought masses of patrons to the city throughout the all-day event. Local and…

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Cosplay Hero

The Best of PAX East 2016 — Part 3: Cosplay

The final installment in Best of NJ‘s PAX East recap trilogy has arrived. (In case you missed the first two parts, you can check them out here and here.) This time around — as the title suggests — we’re selecting…

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PAX East 2016

The Best of PAX East 2016 — Part 2: Booths

Part 2 of our PAX East 2016 coverage focuses on highlighting the best booths on the show floor. Since the idea of showcasing booths may seem a bit confusing at first, allow me to explain. This article is dedicated to…

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The Best of PAX East 2016 — Part 1: Games

The Penny Arcade Expo (aka PAX) is a gaming convention that started in 2004, and has since grown to become one of the most popular conventions in the industry. What started as a single annual event has turned into an…

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Hoboken St. Patrick's Day

The Best of Hoboken’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

Hoboken’s St. Patrick’s Day Celebration takes place throughout the city on the first Saturday of March every year. The annual event invites people from all over the country to come experience Hoboken’s extensive bar scene, as well as their unparalleled…

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