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The Best of

Wigs and Wishes

The Best of: A Night of Wigs and Wishes

With candles lit and tearful faces, A Night of Wigs and Wishes remembered those who lost their lives over the last year to cancer. The October 23 event, held at Lucien’s Manor in Berlin Township, raised thousands of dollars to…

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The Best of: Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival

There was no shortage of creativity at the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival 30th anniversary this past weekend. The four-day event dominated Newark’s Downtown Arts District where writers, poets and other intellectuals gathered to hear some of their favorite poets…

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The Best of: Bark for Babies

For most, October is a month for non-stop fun. It’s thirty-one days of festive pumpkin-picking, apple cider donuts and fall foliage that ramps up to that much-anticipated costumed night of revelry and candy, Halloween. But October is a somber month…

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The Best of: ToyConNJ

Kids and collectors alike were delighted to see ToyConNJ return to the Garden State this past weekend – for the fifth time – for two full days of fun. The event welcomed countless fans of both new and vintage toys…

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The Best of: Newark Comic Con

Newark Comic Con was held for one day only at Brick City’s Waterfront Place behind Bear Stadium, much to the delight of countless die-hard comic fans…

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