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The Best of

atlantic city, air show, atlantic city air show

The Best of: Atlantic City Air Show

Spectators “oohed” and “ahhed” as aircrafts performed dazzling aerobatic stunts over the beach at the 15th Annual Atlantic City Air Show on Wednesday, August 23. Observers on the boardwalk and the beach, as well as boaters anchored just off the coast,…

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red bull, surf + rescue

The Best of: Red Bull Surf + Rescue Race

Energized and ready to compete in high intensity events, professional lifeguards from beach patrols across the East Coast gathered at the shore in Atlantic City for the third annual Red Bull Surf + Rescue Race on Tuesday evening. The fast-paced…

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Ventnor, PorchFest

The Best of: Ventnor City’s PorchFest

Piano player Don Ellsworth faced an interesting conundrum leading up to Ventnor City’s first-ever PorchFest: he doesn’t have a porch. But luckily his next door neighbor and PorchFest event coordinator Michael Einwechter does. Einwechter, 37, was one of 40 Ventnor…

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Jersey City Craft Brew Fest

The Best of: Jersey City Craft Brew Fest

There’s a cure for the summertime blues — summertime beers! And that’s exactly the brand of medicine I tried out at this year’s Jersey City Craft Brew Fest. The massive event took place on Saturday, June 3 at the Harborview…

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