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The Best of

Jersey City Craft Brew Fest

The Best of: Jersey City Craft Brew Fest

There’s a cure for the summertime blues — summertime beers! And that’s exactly the brand of medicine I tried out at this year’s Jersey City Craft Brew Fest. The massive event took place on Saturday, June 3 at the Harborview…

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avalon wine & spirits festival

The Best of: Avalon Wine & Spirits Festival

Ready to enjoy an evening of sophisticated fun, attendees at the Avalon Wine & Spirits Festival filled their glasses with fine beverages and their plates with local delicacies this past Friday night. The event brought more than 200 high-end wine…

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brigantine art walk

The Best of: Brigantine Art Walk Spring Fest

From enormous paintings of breaking waves to tiny drawings of lifeguard boats, creativity filled local restaurant and bar, The Cove, on Sunday afternoon for the Brigantine Art Walk Spring Fest. It’s not everyday that you get to talk to the artist behind…

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