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NJ Vocabulary

jughandles, nj vocabulary

NJ Vocabulary: What Are Jughandles?

It’s all right in New Jersey — at least when it comes to making a left. Jughandles can be a loopy roadside woe to a driver — especially someone who learned to drive outside of the NJ area — that…

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NJ Vocabulary: What Is Mutz?

Ahh, mozzarella. It’s most famous as a pizza topping, but it’s delicious no matter how you have it. Cold and sliced with tomato and basil. Baked over chicken and red sauce. Of course, it’s a welcome addition to a prosciutto…

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razz ma tazz

NJ Vocabulary: What Was Razz Ma Tazz?

There was nothing like being a kid in the late ’80s and early ’90s — especially if you lived in New Jersey. We had the shore! We had Great Adventure! And perhaps most importantly, we had Razz Ma Tazz. This…

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NJ Vocabulary: What Is Hunka Bunka?

Not long ago, particularly during the summer season, New Jersey nightlife was synonymous with shore living. But even when the months of summer were over, that Garden State nightlife didn’t take a hiatus; it simply relocated to Hunka Bunka, a…

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evil clown

NJ Vocabulary: What Is the Evil Clown of Middletown?

New Jersey is famous for loads of visual landmarks. The beach, the Meadowlands, lighthouses, Asbury Park’s way-too-smiley Tillie and many more. The one landmark that stands out like an evil clown watching you drive down a highway is, well, the…

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chicken savoy

NJ Vocabulary: What Is Chicken Savoy?

New Jersey has an impressive history with food. There are, of course, NJ-only offerings such as pork roll and disco fries, as well as dishes NJ has perfected, like the tomato pie. Another Garden State-only dish that has proven to…

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Action Park

NJ Vocabulary: What Is Action Park?

If you grew up in New Jersey, summer wasn’t summer unless there was a visit to Action Park involved. It couldn’t be helped. The commercial started around mid-May and teased and taunted hopeful thrill-seekers all summer long. Mention Action Park…

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