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College 101

college acceptance

College 101: It’s Decision Time

November 15th marked the first of many deadlines throughout the college application process. This end-of-autumn milestone is the last day to submit applications for early admission through Early Action, Early Decision or other special programs. It won’t be long before…

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College 101: How to Get The Help You Need

If you missed an assignment in high school, you probably heard, “that won’t fly in college.” Often, college professors are painted as aloof, unapproachable authoritarians who are practically eager to see you fail. The truth is that the staff and…

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financial aid

College 101: What does Prior-Prior Mean for You?

If you’ve begun the process of applying to colleges, you might have heard the term “prior-prior” thrown around. But what exactly does this mean? Prior-prior (or PPY) refers to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and a recent…

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Community College

College 101: Is Community College Right for Me?

Throughout this admissions cycle, community colleges have risen to the forefront of people’s minds. Each year, more and more students are considering their local options for a variety of reasons. The days where community college is seen as an extension…

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College Students

College 101: The Series

The College 101 series was created to give both students and parents some insight into the various stages of college life. From guides about getting into college sports to deciding between dorming and commuting, these original editorials feature expert advice…

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Survival Skills

College 101: Top 5 Survival Skills

Your college experience will be different from high school in many ways. As a college student, you’ll have total control over your life and schedule. Everything from which classes to choose to what foods you should eat now rests on…

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Dorm Room

College 101: Setting Up Your Dorm Room

Move-in day is right around the corner and NJ students are busy packing books, blankets and other necessities. As the pile of boxes is mounting, you might be wondering whether it will all fit in your dorm room. Fortunately, you’re…

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Move-in Day

College 101: Preparing for Move-in Day

Summer is drawing to a close and college move-in day is quickly approaching. For many incoming freshmen, the preparation and packing can seem overwhelming. How many sweaters should you pack? Do you buy notebooks now or wait to get them…

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