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Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato

RWJBarnabas Health

RWJBarnabas Health Plans to Improve NJ Communities

Numerous factors go into creating a healthy community. On the flip side, things like unemployment rates, crime rates and poor community relations are just a few of the elements that can cripple a municipality’s economy. So, what can me done…

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Robotic Exoskeletons

Robotic Exoskeletons Improve Life for Stroke Victims

Near-fatal illnesses and neurological disorders have been claiming the abilities, comfort and happiness of countless individuals throughout history. In recent years though, scientific and medical advances have significantly improved to provide such individuals with a better quality of living. Robotic…

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NJ Pre-School Uses the Outdoors as its Classroom

In the dynamic atmosphere of the 21st century, with kids captivated by electronics and new forms of media, teachers can find it difficult to engage students in important lessons. Though the tools for teaching are readily available, educators often have…

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