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Brew Jersey

flounder brewing

Brew Jersey: Flounder Brewing Co.

One thing that legal-aged college students should realize is how good they have it when it comes to the quality of beer today. Back in the 90s, you just accepted the watered down, cheap swill that the bars around Rutgers…

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brew jersey, flying fish brewing

Brew Jersey: Flying Fish Brewing Co.

If there is a face of the New Jersey craft beer scene, it belongs to Gene Muller of Flying Fish. With two decades of making Jersey-inspired beer under his belt, Muller shows no signs of stopping. Year-round beers such as…

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brew jersey, tuckahoe brewing

Brew Jersey: Tuckahoe Brewing Co.

If you think back to your high school days, you probably spent some time wondering what your teachers were like outside of school. What did they do for fun? Were they interested in the same things as you? Well, for…

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new jersey beer co, brew jersey

Brew Jersey: New Jersey Beer Co.

This October marks the 5th anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, the effects of which the East Coast is still dealing with today. Those NJ Transit delays planned for this summer? Blame Sandy. For New Jersey Beer Company in North Bergen, the…

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Jersey City Craft Brew Fest

The Best of: Jersey City Craft Brew Fest

There’s a cure for the summertime blues — summertime beers! And that’s exactly the brand of medicine I tried out at this year’s Jersey City Craft Brew Fest. The massive event took place on Saturday, June 3 at the Harborview…

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conclave brewing

Brew Jersey: Conclave Brewing

If you sit in a tiny cubicle or drab office for the majority of your waking hours, chances are that you daydream about a more colorful life. For Carl Alfaro, his mind wandered towards beer. The New Jersey native spent…

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climax brewing

Brew Jersey: Climax Brewing Co.

You have beer brewed with hibiscus, pine needles and peanut butter and flavor notes of fresh-cut grass, stone fruits and afternoon sunshine. Then you have cutesy, punny names like As Hoppy As They Wanna Be, The Big Brewbowski or I…

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cricket hill

Brew Jersey: Cricket Hill Brewing

We tend to think of craft beer as a relatively recent trend that came up alongside the foodie movement and DIY culture. But independently operated breweries have always been around. They were called microbreweries back in the day. Even in…

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devil's creek brewery

Brew Jersey: Devil’s Creek Brewery

Collingswood is one of a handful of New Jersey towns that’s designated as “dry.” That means liquor is not sold within the city limits, an old law courtesy the founding Quakers and Methodists. So when Anthony and Kathy Abate were…

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