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Brew Jersey

Brix City Brewery

Brew Jersey: Brix City Brewing

High school best friends Joe Delcalzo and Peter Reuther didn’t have dreams of that one-in-a-million, get-rich-quick idea. They just didn’t want to answer to anyone. Little did these Hasbrouck Heights High School graduates know that the path to being their…

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spellbound brewing

Brew Jersey: Spellbound Brewing

When friends get together over a beer or four, conversation tends to go into wild tangents from fantasy football and politics to kids and big picture ideas. For childhood friends Mike Oliver and John Companick, and their homebrewing buddy Scott…

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Brew Jersey: Twin Elephant Brewing Company

The craft movement takes many shapes and forms. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, you might just have started an indie rock band or worked on the next great American novel. Today, starting your own business is a much more viable…

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Brew Jersey: Dark City Brewing Company

There was a time when starting a new business in Asbury Park was unthinkable. Decades of neglect and decay plagued the city. There was a reason why Bruce Springsteen wrote “My City of Ruins” in 2000 about the once glorious…

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screamin hill

Brew Jersey: Screamin’ Hill Brewery

Here’s a fall Saturday afternoon excursion that will make you rethink NJ and its craft beer scene: First, get off on Rt. 195, Exit 11. Then, follow your GPS through backroads of farmland and horse pastures, past small colonial homes alongside…

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magnify brewing

Brew Jersey: Magnify Brewing Co.

When most college students graduate, they have short-terms ambitions of getting an entry-level job, paying down their student loan debts and jump-starting their careers. For Eric Ruta of Magnify Brewing Company, all he could think about was starting his own…

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Brew Jersey: River Horse Brewing Company

We are living in a gilded age when it comes to craft beer in New Jersey, with 60+ breweries and more than a dozen brewpubs in the state. Go back a decade, and independent brewing wasn’t even on the radar.…

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Brew Jersey: The Series

Brew Jersey is a Best of NJ original series is dedicated to showcasing the Garden State’s best brews, whether they be breweries or brewmasters…

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Brew Jersey: Cape May Brewing Company

It’s arguably considered the must-visit destination for regional hop heads and craft beer aficionados looking for a unique experience. But it takes some planning to get there: Cape May Brewing Company is located approximately a two-and-half-hour drive from Jersey City,…

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Brew Jersey: Kane Brewing

While starting a brewery can take two to three years of planning and executing, for Michael Kane of Kane Brewing, it was a decade in the making. One of the most respected craft brewers in the state, Kane has gained…

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