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Brew Jersey

tap room

What I Learned by Going to Every Tap Room in NJ

There are 64 taprooms and 13 brewpubs in New Jersey that you can go to right now. They’re in converted banks, town centers, recreated historic villages, strip malls, farms, hidden in biker bars — but mostly, they’re tucked away in…

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conclave brewing

Brew Jersey: Conclave Brewing

If you sit in a tiny cubicle or drab office for the majority of your waking hours, chances are that you daydream about a more colorful life. For Carl Alfaro, his mind wandered towards beer. The New Jersey native spent…

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climax brewing

Brew Jersey: Climax Brewing Co.

You have beer brewed with hibiscus, pine needles and peanut butter and flavor notes of fresh-cut grass, stone fruits and afternoon sunshine. Then you have cutesy, punny names like As Hoppy As They Wanna Be, The Big Brewbowski or I…

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cricket hill

Brew Jersey: Cricket Hill Brewing

We tend to think of craft beer as a relatively recent trend that came up alongside the foodie movement and DIY culture. But independently operated breweries have always been around. They were called microbreweries back in the day. Even in…

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devil's creek brewery

Brew Jersey: Devil’s Creek Brewery

Collingswood is one of a handful of New Jersey towns that’s designated as “dry.” That means liquor is not sold within the city limits, an old law courtesy the founding Quakers and Methodists. So when Anthony and Kathy Abate were…

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Brew Jersey: Alementary Brewing Co.

Combine a chemical engineer, a doctor of molecular biology, a love of beer and a desire to create something new and you’ll create The Alementary. The nearly one-year-old craft brewery, hidden in a small industrial park in Hackensack, has gained…

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angry erik brewery

Brew Jersey: Angry Erik Brewery

Husbands and wives and partners usually take up something simple as a couple’s hobby — long walks, gardening, maybe a house renovation. Now, home brewing is a popular couple’s activity. For the husband and wife team of Heide and Erik…

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ship bottom brewery

Brew Jersey: Ship Bottom Brewery

Visiting Long Beach Island during the winter feels like being the last person on earth. You will see a stray car, perhaps cross paths with a random person, and you can drive along Bay Avenue for six miles without stopping…

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demented brewing

Brew Jersey: Demented Brewing Company

When Thomas Zubar lost his job at a software company, he didn’t drown his sorrows with a few pints of beer. He decided to make the beer himself. Out of unfortunate career events was born Demented Brewing Company, an idea…

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czig meister

Brew Jersey: Czig Meister Brewing Company

When Matt Czigler told his parents that he was forgoing a potential career in medicine for the beer brewing arts, you can understand that they were surprised. “They paid for my undergraduate education so my dad was like ‘Noooooooooo. I…

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