Having a diverse workplace promotes a number of positive elements that keep an office running smoothly and efficiently. From boosting morale and promoting a more comfortable working environment for all employees to encouraging an assortment of perspectives, a workplace with a variety of races and genders in leadership roles is important for all businesses.

Studies have shown that, while a decent number of companies promote diversity, there is still a significantly low number of women holding leadership positions in the workplace. These studies have also shown that there are a significant number of women who are qualified to hold senior executive leadership positions in the workplace, making this a matter worth examining.

On this edition of Caucus: New Jersey with Steve Adubato, Michellene Davis, Executive Vice President and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer at RWJBarnabas, sits down to discuss the benefits of having women leaders in high-level executive positions.

Davis acknowledges “A Seat at the Table,” a report on advancing gender diversity in New Jersey’s workforce, which asserts that “as we begin to measure really very closely just the status of women in the C-Suites (corporation’s most important senior executives) in these organizations and on boards across the state of New Jersey, we’re seeing that the needle has moved very, very little,” she explains.

This video is made possible thanks to the Give Something Back Foundation
This video is made possible thanks to the Give Something Back Foundation.

However, Davis is optimistic that the business community of New Jersey will make the appropriate changes to ensure that more women are able to pursue leadership opportunities in the near future.

The Executive Women of New Jersey (EWNJ) has also spoken about a pledge to push more companies to commit to greater diversity and, Davis says, “to create some transparency and accountability.”

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