New Jersey Regions Small ©bestofnj.comN.J. Fireworks Guide Updated, July 5, 2015. Today we’re updating our guide to fireworks in the region for the rest of the weekend and the summer. When it comes to fireworks in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, they don’t stop after the grand finale on the Fourth of July, but continue for weeks. You’ll find weekly shows at Jenkinsons, on the boardwalk in the Wildwoods and special displays at county and state fairs all over the area.

This page lists our choices for the Best Summer Fireworks in New Jersey.

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New Brunswick New Year’s Eve Fireworks

Thursday, December 31, 2015: Fireworks will be from the top of the building and begin at midnight Info

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New NJ Fireworks Listings & Feedback:

Our pyrotechnic features are some our most popular and most labor intensive. It takes months to put these features together. With the helpful information that our readers and town clerks have given us, we’ve been able to list a lot of new events for 2015. We realize that your favorite display may not have made the cut, but you are more than welcome to make your own nominations by leaving us a comment below.

Helpful NJ Fireworks Tips:

It is always wise to check the information on each event yourself before you travel any great distance. Fireworks displays do get canceled and you should confirm the details if the weather looks iffy. You can easily check the borough, city or township website or Facebook page before you go. We also get times

Fireworks Displays almost always cause traffic nightmares. My advice is to go early, park in a location as far away from the fireworks as possible but as close as possible to a major road. The other tactic is just to use a shuttle bus if any is available. My last suggestion for the traffic issues is to do some meditation the week before you go or to take a legal but effective chill pill.