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World Auto Group

RBestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttonenowned as one of the premier auto groups in New Jersey, World Auto Group is recognized for its superior customer service and dedication to excellence. Our group is a top choice for car shoppers in the area. We treat every customer with respect and care, helping them in their search for the right vehicle.

Brand and Model Availability
Names like Audi, Scion, Subaru, Nissan and Toyota are well-respected throughout the world for their endurance and value. Whether you’re interested in a coupe, a mini-van, an SUV or some other type of vehicle, you’ll find plenty of options at our New Jersey dealerships. Check our website or visit our showrooms and dealerships to see current available models.

Financing Options
world-auto-image-5We have an array of appealing loan options for our clients. Ask an agent at World Auto Group to explain our financing program, including customized plans for almost any situation.

Pre-Owned Models
At World Auto Group, we offer a variety of pre-owned makes and models on our lots. Be sure to check online for any current deals or specials that may be ongoing for used car lots.

Maintenance and Repair Services
We provide regular service appointments so that our maintenance specialists can keep the fluids clean and filled, check your tires’ condition and catch any mechanical issues before they become hazardous problems. You can have your car serviced either at the dealership where you purchased it or at another World Auto Group service location.

Our Locations and Hours
world-auto-image-4Our Audi Bridgewater and Audi Mendham locations feature luxury cars with amazing power. We have Nissan dealerships in Denville, Red Bank and Springfield, as well as branches that specialize in Scion sales at Lakewood and Newton. Other branches include Lakewood Toyota, Newton Toyota and Subaru Newton. Visit our website to find a location nearest you. Our helpful staff will be glad to assist you with any questions and set up a time for a showroom visit or service appointment.

Location Details

26 East Main Street
Mendham, New Jersey 07945

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