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Weidel Real Estate

As a full-service brokerage in New Jersey, Weidel Real Estate is fully equipped toBestofNJ-com Client's Website Button supply our customers with exceptional value. We are associated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, which allows us to expand our referral network to thousands of additional buyers. We’re also a member of Luxury Portfolio International, with luxury residences listed in 50 countries in addition to the US.

weidel-image-6Our Legacy
At 23 years old, with about $25 to sustain his business, Karl Weidel Jr. founded the Weidel Corporation in 1915. When he left to serve in World War I, his wife took over the business, and it thrived in her capable hands. The company stayed in the family for generations, remaining strong, ethical and professional in spite of the upheaval of world wars. Today, the Vice President of Weidel Real Estate is a fourth-generation leader, following in the footsteps of dedicated, talented predecessors; we’re proud to continue the values of trustworthiness, hard work and perseverance.

Seller Servicesweidel-image-5
With Weidel Real Estate, you’ll have access to an experienced realtor who knows the New Jersey market inside out. Our agents do the research, hunt down the comparables and look at current list prices for similar homes. Taking into consideration the features and condition of a home, an agent will help set the right price. Weidel also lists the property on behalf of clients and markets it effectively. Our realtors are also experts in negotiation, handling the essential paperwork and forms, and arranging all the details until a successful closing.

Buyer Services
Weidel Realtors can help locate homes with many of the features on a client’s “must-have” list. Agents can also help with financing, title insurance, negotiation, escrow and closing; so clients have the support they need throughout the process.

For more information, visit the Weidel Real Estate website and fill out the contact form, email us at or call 1-800-288-SOLD; a local agent from Weidel will promptly answer any questions.

Location Details

2482 Pennington Road # 3
Pennington, New Jersey 08534
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