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Wedding Flowers by Robyn at Rohslers Florist

hen it comes to rich colors, breathtaking tablescapes, and other magnificent floral creations for your wedding, you’ll find that few florists compare to Robyn Rohsler for sheer skill, variety, and attention to detail. Wedding Flowers by Robyn is a New Jersey florist shop that also offers services such as wedding event design, honeymoon destination guidance, invitation orders, and more.

Check out the gallery on Robyn’s website to view some of her beautiful color-themed creations. No matter what your wedding palette may be, Robyn has probably worked with those colors before. Do you know exactly what you want? With your descriptions and direction, Robyn will craft the perfect bouquets, centerpieces, and other floral items that you need. Even if you aren’t sure what you want, she can help you turn those vague ideas into a gorgeous reality.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonIf you want a bit of glamor for your flowers, just tell Robyn and she will incorporate sparkling studs, strings of pearls, shimmering ribbons, or an heirloom piece of jewelry that has special meaning for you. Robyn also excels at crafting delicately shaped boutonnieres and wristlets, each one a tiny work of art that the groomsmen and family members will enjoy wearing.

Consider having an additional focal point at your wedding reception, such as a candy buffet bar designed by Robyn. These colorful bars invite your guests to indulge a sweet tooth, while the glass containers hearken back to childhood days of candy shops stocked with a rainbow of sweets. Robyn can even select candy that coordinates with your wedding color scheme. A candy buffet is one way to allow your guests to select their own tasty wedding favors on their way home.

Wedding flower by Robyn image 1Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the tasks you have to accomplish before the wedding? Robyn is also a wedding coordinator, and she has an entire staff of professionals at her disposal to help ensure that your wedding is the best it can possibly be. Instead of stressing over details, let Robyn and her team handle it all for you, under your direction. She’ll assist you with selecting and reserving your ceremony site, designing your invitations, your photographer and videographer, and your live music or DJ. She can arrange for the transportation on the day of the wedding, order and send out your invitations, reserve a photo booth for the reception, and handle all the gifts and favors. She will also make hotel reservations for your out-of-town guests and manage the arrangements for your bachelor and bachelorette parties if necessary.

From the wedding shower to the rehearsal dinner, to the outfits for the bridal party, Robyn will be by your side to do the busywork so that you can relax and watch the wedding of your dreams take shape. If you’re eager to hire Robyn to do your wedding flowers or coordinate the whole event, just send her a message via the contact form on her website. You can also call her at 201-327-3156 to set up a consultation. With Robyn handling your flowers and other wedding arrangements, you’ll feel the stress lift from your shoulders.

Location Details

100 Franklin Turnpike
Allendale, NJ
(201) 327-3156

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