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Twisted Willow Flowers

hen it comes to flowers, what do you love? Luxurious and colorful, white and pristine, wild and rustic? Any form, any style that you prefer for your wedding is possible when you choose Twisted Willow Flowers. The team at Twisted Willow designs even the tiniest boutonniere with precision and pride, yielding results that are absolutely breathtaking. You’ll want to take plenty of photos of your beautiful, fresh flowers so that you can keep them and enjoy them forever.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonTwisted Willow is family-owned and operated by Lidia and her daughter Amanda. They are the creative geniuses behind the gorgeous arrangements that you’ll see in the gallery on the Twisted Willow website. You’ll see examples of their work at an Irish garden themed wedding, a wedding featuring soft pastel hues, and a farm wedding with bolder, wilder country blooms. At another client’s wedding, the palette was white and mint, and Twisted Willow wove luscious, delicate blooms into pale, perfect bouquets.

One glamour-filled wedding with a black and gold color scheme received stunning flowers, including a magnificent, opulent bridal bouquet studded with champagne-colored pearls. At one wedding, they crafted a bouquet that incorporated brilliant pops of pink as well as beautiful succulent plants.

Sometimes, a ceremony or reception venue needs a little help to reach its full potential for beauty and elegance. That’s where Twisted Willow can help you—designing floral compositions that mask imperfections or highlight unique features. If you’re having the wedding outdoors, your florists can accentuate the beauty of the natural world around you. If you’re going to be indoors, they can bring the best and the freshest blooms right into your wedding space.

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If you want special elements such as bishop hooks, a chuppah, a birch arbor, draping, lanterns, branches, a metal arbor, or candelabras, just ask Lidia and Amanda. They have all of those items and more available for rental, and they can set up, drape, and embellish the decor themselves. They also have a selection of rich linens and fabrics available; so whether you’re looking to drape an archway or cover a table, you’ll find that they have just the thing to do it.

Would you like a floral coronet for yourself or a crown of buds and leaves for a flower girl? Lidia and Amanda love these types of special requests. You’ll find that they craft every corsage, boutonniere, headpiece, and bouquet with intricacy and care, and always with an eye for the artistic presentation. If you’re interested in meeting the team at Twisted Willow, set up a consultation via the contact form on the website, email, or call 609-298-0360.

Once you set up an appointment, you’ll be able to visit Twisted Willow’s private design studio, where you’ll begin the process of planning and ordering your very own artistic floral creations from the experts at Twisted Willow. You’ll adore the arrangements and bouquets that Lidia and Amanda provide for you. If you want to savor the beauty of your wedding flowers even longer, ask your florists about their “bouquet to jewelry” preservation service.


Location Details

266 Atlantic Ave
Columbus, NJ
(609) 298-0360

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