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Wherever you go on your wedding day, you want to feel like a star. With Town Limousine Service, you become the celebrity— chauffeured to the next location in sophisticated style. Every Town Limo driver shows up on time or early, dressed in a formal tuxedo and ready to usher you to your destination. You’ll feel like a movie star, and on your wedding day, that’s exactly how you should feel.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonGlide around town picking up your bridesmaids for the pre-wedding preparations on the morning of the wedding and enjoy comfortable, luxurious seating and the ambiance of special interior lighting. Tinted windows provide privacy, while your uniformed driver opens and closes the door for you and ensures a safe, smooth ride. Choose from a classic limo like the Mercedes, Chrysler, or Jaguar, or try the company’s more spacious options like the Hummer H2 limo or the Luxury Coach.

After the wedding, your limousine can take you, the bridal party, or specific family members to the reception venue. Once the reception is over, you may want a smaller vehicle to carry you and your new spouse away to the jumping-off point for your honeymoon destination. Town Limousine Service offers some other unique rides to accommodate you after the reception, including a gorgeous 1959 Bentley, a Phantom Rolls Royce, or a new Bentley Arnage.

Town Limousine Service

When you first visit Town Limo, you’ll be warmly welcomed and taken into a heated showroom so that you check out the available vehicles and book your favorite. Each car is well-maintained, frequently cleaned, and regularly checked to ensure that no unforeseen mechanical issues interrupt your wedding day. The stretch limos in the fleet have DVD and CD players, and some of them include iPod hookups so that you can enjoy a relaxing playlist to calm your nerves or a celebratory dance number to get you pumped up for the reception.

Once you book the cars you need, you’ll hear from your Town Limo drivers the week before the wedding to confirm the details, locations, and times. That extra level of care ensures you that your drivers are aware of the plan and will stick to it— an assurance that relieves some of the pre-wedding stress.

Couples who have used Town Limousine Service enjoyed the punctuality and professionalism of the limo drivers. Each driver treats his passengers with the utmost courtesy and respect, taking the pressure off by getting to each destination in a timely manner. If it is raining, the limo driver assists the bridal party with a large umbrella and helps everyone keep the dresses protected from the weather as much as possible. Let your driver know if you want a picture in the limo, and he will accommodate your wishes with pleasure. After the ceremony, Town Limo unrolls a red carpet up to the limo door and provides a champagne toast for the newly married couple.

On your wedding day, you don’t want to have to worry about the reliability of your transportation. Let Town Limousine Service take care of everything so that you can relax. Call Town Limo at 201-939-7477 to set up an appointment at their location in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.

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