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The Venetian

Picture yourself in your beautiful wedding gown, gliding across the floor beneath 35-foot cathedral ceilings, with towering marble columns on each side. You feel like a Roman princess of ancient times, with all the attention on you and with everyone ready to serve you and care for your needs. That feeling of grandeur only comes when you secure the Venetian as your wedding venue. It’s over-the-top luxury, supported by flawless service from the experienced and courteous staff.

From its elegant, many-windowed exterior to its gleaming ballroom and stunning palazzo, the Venetian surpasses your dreams of a luxurious wedding. The rich draperies, beautiful double staircase, massive chandeliers, and incredible architectural detail on the walls and ceilings will take your breath away. Even the chairs, tables, and other furnishings are of the highest quality.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonTo aid you as you prepare for this momentous event, the Venetian offers the services of its own lineup of highly skilled wedding planners. Your wedding planner will discuss your vision and wishes for the wedding and then help you transform your ideas into breathtaking reality. From the choice of a theme to the selection of invitations to the creation of the perfect floral arrangements, your planner will be at your side to take the stress off of you and assist with all aspects of the preparations.

What would a royal wedding be without a feast? The five-star gourmet chefs at the Venetian will prepare a magnificent meal to serve to you and your guests. If you are overwhelmed by all the wedding decision-making, select from the array of menus that are already part of the Venetian’s repertoire. If you have a specific custom menu in mind, the Venetian’s chefs can accommodate your wishes and exceed your expectations.

Venetian image 4When you book the Venetian as your wedding venue, you receive a number of benefits. Valets will park your guests’ cars for them so that they do not have to walk from the parking area. There will be a coat check area for your guests and attendants at each restroom to assist as needed. You’ll also have direction cards and seating cards included with your package. Choose your table linens from the Venetian’s vast selection and decide on the style of your wedding cake, which is also included in your package. A champagne greeting, white glove service, premium liquor, and ice sculptures are just a few of the extra perks you’ll receive with your wedding at the Venetian. Servers and a bridal attendant will be at your beck and call throughout the evening as well.

The Venetian works with you to create the ambiance you want for your wedding. They can set up a dais with high-backed chairs for the newlyweds, and they can transform the look of the room with different hues and styles of uplighting.

Be the empress and emperor for just one day at the Venetian. Call 973-546-2250 now to reserve your wedding date, or fill out the online form to set up a time for a consultation about planning, catering, and other services.

Location Details

546 River Drive
Garfield, NJ 07026
973 546-2250

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