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The Frog and The Peach

Named after a quirky 1970’s comedy routine by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, The Frog and The Peach restaurant brings a sense of wonder and delight to the art of seafood preparation. The restaurant resides in an old factory, now beautifully renovated and transformed into a modern dining space with several levels and a wealth of history and vintage charm.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonExecutive Chef Bruce Lefebvre is the masterful hand behind the restaurant’s unique take on American cuisine. Along with his management team, capable kitchen staff and server crew, the chef and owner provides each guest with a warm welcome and a delightful dining experience.

The menu at The Frog and The Peach changes with each season so that guests can enjoy the bounty of local seafood, produce and meat. In addition to delectable choices for lunch and dinner, the restaurant also supplies a 3-course prix fixe menu, a pre-theater menu, and a tasting menu. Sweet treats like Baba Au Rhum, Strawberry Tart and Chocolate Blackout end the meal perfectly. The Frog and Peach boasts a long list of lovely wines, with special discounts on Sundays. For a corkage fee, you can also bring along a bottle of your own favorite vintage.

Frog and Peach image 5Are you recently engaged, getting married, or celebrating an anniversary or a birthday with friends and family? The Frog and The Peach has several spaces that can be reserved for private dining. One such area is the Balcony, an intimate and well-appointed space for a sit-down dinner or cocktails. The Garden Room is a glass-enclosed space with a plenty of natural light and lush greenery along the walls. In this relaxing area, the furniture can be switched out or rearranged so that you can have your wedding ceremony, dinner, or business gathering. The Wine Room is another elegant private space for a small party or dinner. An entire wall of the room is stocked with bottles of premium wine. In the Alcove, you’ll find a unique space for 10-12 seated guests, featuring exposed brick, privacy curtains and a beautiful leather bench seat along one wall.

For your event, The Frog and The Peach can offer plenty of parking options for you and your guests. In addition to the small gravel parking lot for the restaurant, there are a couple of parking garages just steps away from The Frog and The Peach’s front door. Try the Matrix lot, the Hyatt Hotel parking deck, or the metered street parking on Richmond Street. You can also take advantage of the valet parking service each evening, Tuesday through Sunday.

If you have guests with specific dietary needs, simply inform the server and the chef and kitchen staff will adjust the ingredients of any dish to accommodate those needs. Whether you have a food allergy, a gluten sensitivity or a preference for vegetarian dishes, The Frog and The Peach is happy to prepare you a personalized meal. To make reservations or plan your event, fill out the online form or call 732-846-3216 to speak with a member of the hospitality team at the Frog and Peach.

Location Details

29 Dennis Street,
New Brunswick,, New Jersey 08901

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