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TD Bank Ballpark – Home of the Somerset Patriots

TD Bank Ballpark was named Ballpark Digest’s Best Independent Minor League Ballpark in the nation two years in a row (2015 & 2016). The stadium, found in Bridgewater, NJ, is the premier family and community destination in Central New Jersey. The 6,100-seat ballpark is owned by Somerset County and run by the Somerset Patriots, who have consistently drawn over 5,300 fans per game and 370,000 fans per season.

TD Bank Ballpark opened for business on June 7, 1999. It was designed by Clarke Caton & Hintz and SSP Architectural Group, and built by Epic Construction.

In addition to 70 Patriots home games per year, the ballpark is a multi-use facility that has been home to several outside events.

Somerset Patriots Baseball

The Somerset Patriots were established in 1998 as a founding member of the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball. They’ve attracted nearly seven million fans since opening TD Bank Ballpark in June of 1999, and have raised millions of dollars for charities throughout the area.

The Patriots are 6-Time Atlantic League Champions (2001, 2003, 2005, 2008, 2009, 2015), with over 1,400 Regular Season Wins and 14 Playoff appearances. New York Yankees great Sparky Lyle was the manager from 1998-2012 and serves as the team’s Manager Emeritus; they are currently managed by the 2015 Atlantic League Manager of the Year, Brett Jodie. To date, 19 former Somerset Patriots have gone on to play for Major League Baseball teams.

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