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Summit Medical Group

SBestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttonummit Medical Group is the oldest and largest multispecialty practice in New Jersey owned by doctors. Our physicians and specialists have been featured in New Jersey Monthly’s list of top doctors, and we’re consistently opening new centers and bringing in new, skilled medical professionals. With over 550 practitioners in our group, we are always ready to provide the compassionate, specialized health care patients need.

Our Services
Summit Medical Group offers services like general internal medicine, which handles the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions within adults. There are also doctors in our group who specialize in women’s health, including pregnancy, reproductive problems, and childbirth; additionally, there are men’s health providers who deal with reproductive issues and urinary tract health in males. Our pediatric services focus on children’s health and family medicine. In addition, we supply comprehensive care to our senior patients, along with geriatric services. Summit Medical Group also includes top experts in physical and sports medicine.

Whole-Body Wellness
summit-image-6Another important part of Summit Medical Group is our general emphasis on wellness. Prevention is better than a cure, as the old saying goes; with that in mind, we strive to promote good nutrition, plenty of water, regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle. Throughout our network of offices in New Jersey, we offer chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, and skin care; plus, we have a sleep disorder center that focuses on correcting unhealthy sleep patterns.

Community Programs and Support Groups
Each flu season, Summit Medical Group provides information on its website about flu clinics to encourage prevention. You’ll also find information about medical lectures, support groups for patients with diseases like cancer and classes for yoga, tai chi, and other activities that promote wellness.

Our Locations and Hours
summit-image-5Our central location is a massive campus in Berkeley Heights, but we have convenient locations all through central and northern New Jersey. From cancer treatments to surgeries to dermatology, our group has top-notch experts in a number of areas across NJ. We also have four urgent care centers throughout the state, located in Berkeley Heights, Livingston, Westfield and Florham Park. Visit our website for locations, operating hours, and other details. To contact us by phone, dial 908-273-4300. You can also email us at

Location Details

1 Diamond Hill Road
Berkeley Heights, New Jersey 7922

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