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Statewide Bariatrics

With safe, effective weight loss surgery solutions at Statewide Bariatrics,BestofNJ-com Client's Website Button you can get the small push you need to begin living a healthier lifestyle. Our team of doctors consists of highly trained, skilled surgeons with years of experience in their field, and our staff members are handpicked for their compassion, knowledge and experience in the field of weight loss surgery.

Surgery Options
statewide-bariatrics-image-3If you have tried and failed to lose weight through diet and exercise, it may be time to consider another option. Our surgery options include sleeve gastrectomy, adjustable gastric banding, gastric bypass and revision surgery, as well as general surgery. The surgeons at Statewide Bariatrics are very careful to review your medical history, weight loss efforts, and current situation before recommending weight loss surgery. We’ll inform you about the low but existent risks or complications, and provide you with reasonable expectations for the surgery results.

Lifestyle Changes
statewide-bariatrics-image-4At Statewide Bariatrics, we encourage lifestyle changes in addition to surgical intervention. Our patients know that surgery isn’t the only answer— regular exercise, limited portions and healthy food choices help temper realistic expectations. In many cases, patients are able to shed most of their excess weight; in fact, many notice their health issues lessen after surgery and rigorous lifestyle adjustments. Conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure can diminish or even disappear completely once the body isn’t burdened by extra weight.

Locations and Hours
Statewide Bariatrics has four locations in New Jersey, allowing us to provide convenient options for our patients. In addition to our Toms River location, we have branches in Manahawkin, Glen Ridge and Westwood. To set up a consultation at our Toms River location, call us at 844-575-3383. To arrange an appointment at the location of your choice, visit our website and fill out the form. One of our surgeons will review your case and provide information about procedures that may improve your health.

Location Details

123 Highland Ave, Ste 202
Glen Ridge, NJ 07028
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