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Seton Hall Preparatory School

SBestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttoneton Hall Preparatory School has a rich tradition of storied educational philosophy, coupled with 21st-century technology and methods. At Seton Hall Prep, our students can focus on becoming strong, independent, well-educated young men, firmly rooted in their Catholic identity.

Our History
Established in 1856, Seton Hall Prep has the distinction of being the oldest Catholic prep school in New Jersey. We have over 950 students enrolled from 130 towns in the New Jersey area. They come from miles around to experience a unique atmosphere that combines athletics, academics, spiritual growth and selfless service.

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Facilities and Sports Programs
At Seton Hall Prep, you’ll find well-appointed classrooms and student life areas, along with a large, recently constructed science wing that includes ample space for biology and chemistry studies. Seton Hall Prep also has a flourishing sports program, including dodgeball, football, soccer and baseball among other activities.

Religious Perspective
Seton Hall Prep is a Catholic school, so we emphasize the power of religious belief to inspire human beings to be their best. We celebrate the diversity of cultures, backgrounds, languages and philosophies that come together in our community at Seton Hall Prep.

Giving Back
seton-image-5Part of our mission at Seton Hall Prep is to equip our students to serve others, especially those in need in their communities. Some of our students choose to participate in mission trips to other parts of the country, while others focus on the tutoring needs of students locally in New Jersey. From blood drives to beach cleanup, Seton Hall Prep is dedicated to giving back to the less fortunate.

For admission inquiries, please fill out the brief form on our website or call the Admissions office at 973-325-6632 for more information. We’re also happy to provide information about financial aid options, depending on each family’s needs.

Location Details

120 Northfield Ave
West Orange, New Jersey 07052

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