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Rutgers University

RBestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttonutgers University is the State University of New Jersey, with a long and proud history of higher education. The university includes more than 100 majors, 200 graduate programs, 67,000 students and 31 schools and colleges. Thanks to the depth and breadth of our educational offerings, Rutgers is the most comprehensive institution of higher education in the state.

Our Legacy
rutgers-image-6Back in November of 1766, our institution was officially chartered as Queen’s College, making Rutgers the eighth oldest college in the United States. Rutgers also has the distinction of being one of just nine colleges that were chartered prior to the American Revolution. In 1825, the university received its current name thanks to the generosity of Colonel Henry Rutgers, who enabled the college to reopen and continue its mission of education. 1924 brought a new era as Rutgers gained university status, before becoming New Jersey’s State University in 1945.

At Rutgers, we offer more than 100 majors. You can customize your choice by doing a double major, concentrating on a particular direction within your major, adding a minor or a certificate program or pursuing one of our honors courses or study-abroad programs.

Graduate Programs
In addition to our broad range of undergraduate programs, Rutgers also offers graduate and professional programs on all three campuses and online. The complete database of the programs is available on the Rutgers website. Periodically, the Rutgers Graduate and Professional School hosts an open house for potential students.

Financial Aid
rutgers-image-5Rutgers University provides plenty of information about financial aid options; in fact, more than 80% of our students receive financial aid. Students can apply for Federal Student Aid, obtain a loan or get involved in a work-study program.

Campus Tours
Rutgers University has three New Jersey campuses in Newark, Camden and New Brunswick. Before you decide to attend, take some time to visit the campus nearest you. Sign up for a tour or check out the virtual tour feature on the Rutgers website.

For more information about Rutgers University, call 732-445-4636 to be directed to one of our helpful admissions counselors.

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