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Royal Caribbean

ABestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttont Royal Caribbean International, we cruise to hundreds of different destinations in over 72 countries. Our ships feature upscale amenities, superb food and a variety of entertainment options. With multiple classes of ships, we can supply cruises at different price points, achieving our goal of making the luxurious cruise experience available to vacationers of all ages.

Cruise Destinations
Some of our cruise ships travel to Cape Liberty, New Jersey, where you can see the Statue of Liberty and revel in the incredible culture and life of New York City. You have the option to travel north to Alaska, south to the Bahamas or as far away as Asia, Australia or the Arabian Gulf. From Canada to Europe, Hawaii to New Zealand, we cruise it all.

Our Ships
rc-image-5Our Oasis class ships feature an uptown feel and include multiple onboard “neighborhoods,” an AquaTheater, a stage, a zip line and our FlowRider surf simulator. For the Freedom class of ships highlights include the H2O splash zone, nightly entertainment, shows, a rock-climbing wall, our FlowRider and an ice-skating rink. The Voyager ships include bars, shopping, restaurants, pool decks, sports decks, outdoor movies, rock-climbing and more. Other classes of ships feature activities like mini-golf, casinos, and comedy shows.

Special Offers
Royal Caribbean International frequently runs special deals and offers unique cruise packages for vacationers who want to save money. A quick Caribbean cruise of 3-5 nights is priced affordably low. Holiday cruises are among our enjoyable, budget-friendly options.

Themed Cruises
Royal CaribbeanWe offer music-themed cruises that feature a particular headline artist as well as other top-notch performers. There’s a reggae cruise, a country cruise, a pop-culture cruise, a Latin cruise and a football legends cruise. New themes and performers arrive every year.

Tickets and Programs
Royal Caribbean can arrange diving courses for guests and secure tickets to on-the-ground attractions that fit within the cruise schedule. Our travelers may also be eligible for a MyCruise Visa card option that allows them to accumulate reward points and apply them toward a future cruise.

Plan your cruise online to give yourself a dream vacation you can look forward to. If you need assistance, call 866-562-7625 to receive help from a vacation planner who is well-versed in everything that Royal Caribbean International has to offer.

Location Details

1050 Caribbean Way
Miami, Florida 33132

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