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RE/MAX of New Jersey

RBestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonE/MAX of New Jersey is a full-service real estate company that offers the latest listings for in-demand neighborhoods. In 2014, we sold more homes than any other real estate company. RE/MAX of New Jersey began operating in 1985 out of its original location in Cherry Hill. Since then, the company has expanded, with more than 165 offices and 2,900 agents throughout New Jersey.

remax-image-6Buyer Services
Our record of successful real estate transactions speaks for itself, and our agents are always ready to lend the skills, experience and market savvy that characterize a RE/MAX realtor. The online search tool on our website can help narrow down options for buyers, from the ideal number of bedrooms and bathrooms to the price range. Our talented real estate agents can handle the paperwork and the negotiations once clients find a house they really love.

Seller Services
remax-image-5For those selling a home, a real estate agent can help review the market objectively and figure out where to set the price in order to tempt competitive bids. Agents can also devise a marketing strategy for the home, offer information about bids that come in and serve as a negotiator. From the listing stage until settlement, a RE/MAX agent stays by our clients’ side.

Online Services
RE/MAX of New Jersey has a blog that is packed with articles about everything from closing costs and must-know mortgage terms to New Jersey beach guides.

Agents and Locations
To get in touch with a realtor from RE/MAX, visit the agent search page on the website to find out which agents and offices are located close by. The listed addresses, phone numbers and other contact info will connect to the office or agent of choice.

Location Details

509 S Lenola Rd #5
Moorestown, New Jersey 08057

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