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Ray Catena Auto Group

LBestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttonooking for a go-to auto dealer where you know you’ll always be welcomed and treated with respect? Located throughout New Jersey, Ray Catena dealerships strive to provide a positive experience that creates customers for life. Our locations offer neatly ordered lots stocked with cars from auto makers like Infiniti, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and more.

Each one of our dealerships tends to specialize in one auto brand. For example, our Ray Catena Land Rover/Infiniti location in Edison has side-by-side lots. On the Land Rover side, you have magnificent machines like the Land Rover Discovery Sport, the Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque. On the other side of the dealership, you’ll find sleek, streamlined cars from Infiniti.

Ray Catena image 1Our locations in Toms River and Freehold specialize in Audi models, while the Westchester dealership focuses on BMWs. There’s a Ray Catena Jaguar of Edison and a Ray Catena Lexus of Larchmont, to name just a few of our many other branches.

Test Drives
It’s hard to tell if you love a car until you drive it. Ray Catena Auto Group locations allow for test drives so buyers can get a feel for their new vehicle.

Ray Catena Land Rover image 1Pre-Owned Options
Looking for our most affordable options? Opt for a pre-owned car instead. The price will be much lower, but you’ll still get many fantastic features, along with reliable service and performance. Ask your contact at Ray Catena Auto Group for details about our financing options, warranties, performance guarantees and special deals. With our pre-owned selection, you can save money right now while guaranteeing your car’s continued performance in the future.

Auto Parts and Service
Ray Catena Auto Group also provides service centers where you can purchase parts, bring your car in for regular maintenance or request repairs. Our technicians have ample experience working on various makes and models, and will be happy to take care of your request as efficiently as possible.

From our receptionists to our sales consultants and service technicians, all of us at Ray Catena Auto Group are there to make your vehicle purchase easier. If you’re ready to take a look at some amazing cars, contact Ray Catena Auto Group through our website’s contact form today. You can also call 732-603-9600 and speak to one of our friendly receptionists or consultants.

Location Details

900 US Highway 1 North
Edison, New Jersey 08817

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