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Pleasantdale Chateau

If you have ever longed for a fairytale wedding, explore the possibilities of Pleasantdale Chateau. It’s the closest thing to a real castle in New Jersey, and you’ll find that it’s the perfect site for a romantic storybook wedding. Although it is often viewed as a scenic wedding destination, the chateau also accommodates overnight guests and hosts celebrations such as bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversary dinners, corporate events, Quinceañera or “Sweet Sixteen” parties, and more.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonRight in front of the chateau is a magnificent stone fountain with lion’s heads spouting crystal-clear water. As you stare up at the stone-studded exterior with its quaint tiled roof, architectural details, and central tower, you’ll feel as if you were old Europe instead of New Jersey. A flight of stone steps leads up to the main doors. Around the entire chateau you’ll find stretches of smooth green lawn, flowerbeds overflowing with colorful blooms, shade-giving trees, meandering paths, and a wooden gazebo overlooking a mirror-like pond.

Inside, you’ll step into a grand entrance hall with towering slanted ceilings of polished wooden beams. Luxurious furnishings, all in keeping with the Old-World elegance of the place, blend the best of antique and modern elements. The Grand Ballroom features stunning high ceilings, tall windows, and a shining dance floor lit by chandeliers. The chateau even boasts an indoor pool flanked by beautifully carved columns.

Pleasantdale Chateau provides wedding planning services from experts who can help you pick out invitations, choose centerpieces, and make all the other little decisions that seem so overwhelming when you’re doing it alone. With your wedding planner, you’ll have a steady right-hand aide to support you and take the stressful busy-work off your shoulders.

Pleasantdale image 2Do you want to celebrate your foray into marriage with a banquet fit for a medieval king and queen? The chefs and kitchen staff at Pleasantdale Chateau will create a sumptuous spread for you and your guests. Chef Robert Albers is the ruler of the kitchen at the chateau, and he is well known for presenting magnificent culinary creations that please even the most discerning of palates. Before coming to the chateau, Chef Albers worked at The Ritz Carlton on Central Park. His specialty is French cuisine.

As a bonus for earth-conscious couples, Pleasantdale Chateau takes eco-friendliness very seriously. Recycling is an important part of the lifestyle at the chateau, and the fixtures use energy-efficient light bulbs. In addition, the chateau grounds are home to Pleasantdale Farm, which supplies the chateau kitchens with fresh, delicious, pesticide-free produce for guests to enjoy.

Are you ready to be a princess in your own fairytale wedding at Pleasantdale Chateau? Couples who have said their vows at Pleasantdale praise the delicious flavors and abundance of the food, the courtesy and helpfulness of the staff, and the unique beauty of the house itself. Seize the day and call 973-731-5600 to set up a visit. You’ll consult with the event planning staff, choose a date, and begin designing the wedding of your dreams in a setting so beautiful, it could have come straight from a storybook.

Pleasantdale image 6

It was truly a fairytale wedding. From the ceremony to the next morning’s brunch, everything was very well coordinated and delicious. All was done with expertise and exquisite taste. Some of the guests described the wedding as, “the kind of wedding you will only attend once in a lifetime.” We could not have asked for more.

—Kim and Jim

The Wedding was like a fairy tale come true!!! Every guest that we spoke with said the same thign to us… That this was the most spectacular wedding that they had ever been to!!! The location, the Chateau itself, the abundance of delicious food, the flowers, the sparklers, the awesome band, the after party, the cigar roller, the breakfast… everything was AMAZING! The Chateau staff were very professional, attentive, and made all of us feel as though we were the most special guests.


Our guests still continue to highly praise our wedding reception. We did not want it to end; it was fabulous!! The memories will always put a smile on our faces and warmth of love in our hearts. We look forward to enjoying many more future celebrations with our family and friends and the most extraordinary place, the Pleasantdale Chateau!


I can’t begin to tell you how many guests told me, “this is the best wedding we have ever been to.” The chateau staff were such professional, knowledgeable people and I will recommend the Pleasantdale Chateau and Laura Madden to anyone looking to have a wonderful event like we had.


Location Details

757 Eagle Rock Ave
West Orange, NJ 07052
Neighborhood: Pleasantdale
(973) 731-5600
(973) 731-1996

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