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Perla & Company

Envision yourself, standing with your husband-to-be under a bower or archway festooned with flowers and twined with thick green vines. Picture the setting for your ceremony, whether indoors or outdoors, made even more special by the addition of urns filled with lovely blooms, trailing sprays of greenery. Every part of your wedding can be made more unique and beautiful with the right flower arrangements from Perla & Company, a top florist in new Jersey that is committed to bringing life to your vision of the ultimate wedding day.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonAre you a minimalist who believes that less is more? Perla & Company can provide delicate, understated bouquets and arrangements that suit your aesthetic. Maybe you want to avoid the traditional or over-used types of flowers. In that case, Perla & Company will suggest some lesser known but equally lovely options to help you make your bouquets and centerpieces unique. From monochromatic arrangements to themed selections, this florist does it all.

Perla and Company

Perla & Company can incorporate other elements besides flowers into your centerpieces, bouquets, and other arrangements. Fruit, feathers, sprigs of rhinestones or pearls, twigs, grasses, candles, and ribbons—almost anything you want, they can include. With the freshest, most perfect blooms, your florist will create beautiful accessories for you and your bridesmaids, as well as boutonnieres for the special men and corsages for the important ladies in your life.

Some brides like a neatly arranged bouquet in the traditional round shape with the stalks bound with ribbons. Other brides appreciate the effect of a cascading bouquet. These trailing bouquets are a little more difficult to make, but Perla & Company’s florists are experts at producing bouquets in any size, shape, or composition.

Perla and Company

After the wedding ceremony comes the reception, and you’ll need more flowers to make that event lush with natural beauty. Imagine a chain of lovely flowers strung across the front of your table at the reception or draped artfully along the table that bears your beautiful wedding cake. Picture the table with your guest book adorned with a heart shaped from rose petals. On every table, you can have a stunning centerpiece that makes your guests feel special; and together, all those centerpieces elevate the look of the room and make it look more like a magical garden than an ordinary venue. Would you like to have flowers twining up the side of your wedding cake? The florists at Perla & Company will work with your cake provider to make that happen.

Perla, the primary florist at Perla & Company, is a joy to work with, as many brides can attest. Five-star ratings for Perla & Company praise her dedication to her craft as a floral artist, as well as the impeccable, stunning results that she delivers for every wedding. When you hire Perla to do your wedding, you’ll have an initial consultation with her so that you can explain your vision for the flowers at the wedding. From the entry table to the wedding favor table at the reception and everything in between, Perla transforms the ordinary into art with her floral arrangements. To get in touch with Perla, email or call 973-670-1435.

Location Details

696 Goffle Rd
Hawthorne, NJ 07506
Neighborhood: Northside
(973) 427-2570

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