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Pantagis Diner

Welcome to Pantagis Diner where the tradition of great food continue. With over 120 years of combined experience, the Pantagis Family brings you the latest in Diner Dining Cuisine. To make delicious meals on an everyday basis, there is one very special ingredient every successful restaurant must have. Some call it experience. Others call it expertise. But we, in the Pantagis family, call it tradition.

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You see, great cooking in our family goes back generations. Our family has owned and operated some of the most successful and memorable diners in New Jersey and we plan on making this as successful as all the others to what we call the Pantagis Pledge:

Special Care in food preparation.
The use of the finest and freshest ingredients available.
Superior and friendly customer service.
Always clean, crisp and organized.
Maintain the love of you craft.

When you put your family’s name on a restaurant, it’s like inviting friends over into your home. So things have to be special, have to be congenial. With that, welcome to the Pantagis Diner where we strive to make your experience exceed your expectations.

Location Details

3126 Woodbridge Ave
Edison, NJ 08837
Neighborhood: Valentine
(732) 709-3555
Open Daily 12:00 AM-12:00 AM

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