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Palermo Custom Cakes & Bakery

In the 1980s, Palermo Bakery was first started by Giovanna and Gennero Bruno, better known as Joanne and Jerry. They offered a full assortment of traditional baked goods and Italian desserts in their small retail shop in Ridgefield Park. Joanne managed the store while Jerry, an experienced baker since the age of fourteen, took the title of head baker and cake decorator.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonShortly after opening, they began a small wholesale operation where they delivered, sometimes themselves, cakes and pastries to local restaurants and catering facilities. Now, over 25 years later, Palermo Bakery has grown into a thriving retail/wholesale operation, with a specialty in custom cake design. We pride ourselves on being a family business being manager by both first and second generation Brunos. Our entire staff is dedicated to providing the highest quality of customer service and baked products.

We pride ourselves on both the unique experience we provide customers looking for custom cakes and our full assortment of traditional desserts that we offer.

We currently serve New Jersey, New York City, Eastern Pennsylvania and Western Connecticut. We also do long distance deliveries upon special request. Our rental stores are located in Ridgefield Park, Union City and Little Ferry, NJ.

Palermo Bakery is a welcoming one-stop stop that offers all your bakery goods for all special occasions. From mini pastries to large wedding cakes, we supply tri-state area grocery stores and local customers. Starting with just one location, we’ve since expanded to three, and are known for our high quality and exceptional customer service.

Our cake consultants are happy to assist you on designing your custom cake and baked goods for your upcoming special event. For more information, visit

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