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In our line of work, we believe that the most meaningful day of your life is your wedding day. However, the most important thing at your wedding reception is definitely the entertainment, and that’s where O3K comes in. Riccardo Scarpulla, the heart of O3K DJ, is clearly one of the best entertainers in the business today. We at O3K DJ will make the extra effort to ensure that your wedding day is the special and memorable day that you want it to be.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonRegardless of the crowd that attends your wedding reception, we aim to please everyone by playing a wide variety of music. O3K DJ offers different styles of music with a very large repertoire. The members of O3K DJ have over three decades of experience in the music business. Their goal is to make your wedding reception a pleasurable — as well as unforgettable — experience for you and your guests. Please call 973-772-9264 (office) or 201-449-6249 (mobile) to make arrangements. Thank you on behalf of O3K DJ! We hope to see you on your wedding day!

Location Details

56 Malcolm Ave
Garfield, New Jersey 07026
Business Hours:
Everyday: 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Connect with O3K DJ

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