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NGR Film Company

When you think of your wedding video, you probably imagine something polished and professional. You want footage that is up close and personal without being obtrusive, romantic without being cheesy, and comprehensive without being boring. The people who can work that special video magic belong to the NGR Film Company of Tinton Falls, New Jersey.
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Imagine a wedding video that perfectly expresses the relationship that the two of you have as a couple— a video that highlights your personalities and the way you complement each other. Noah and the team at NGR Film Company excel at capturing the essence of what makes your romance unique and beautiful.

NGR image 6NGR also recognizes that the best wedding video footage comes from those stolen moments when people forget all about the camera and are completely focused on each other. They’ll catch the proud smiles of parents, the teasing grins of siblings, and the raw emotions of the bride and groom. Those bits of honest footage are the most beautiful and the most worth cherishing for the rest of your life. Consider having two video cameras at your wedding so that you don’t miss out on any unique moments or cool angles.

Couples who have chosen NGR as their video team compliment the videographer’s ability to lighten the mood and help everyone relax and act natural. As the primary video guy, Noah receives accolades for his calm, friendly demeanor and helpful nature. He works easily with the photographers, DJ, wedding event designer, and other staff to help everything go smoothly.

After the wedding, you’ll need to wait a little while for your movie, because true craftsmanship and excellence takes time. Noah and the team at NGR will design a beautifully edited, polished movie with you and your new spouse as the stars. They include music synchronized perfectly with the emotions and actions occurring in the movie. When you watch your video, you won’t be able to stop smiling— not just because of the crystal-clear, colorful images and well-chosen angles, but because of the emotions and memories that resurface as you watch it.

NGR image 4If you’re eager to choose your videographer right now, call NGR Film Company at 732-567-4306, send them an email at, or visit their website to leave a message. Your first step to securing NGR Film Company for your wedding is to schedule a consultation, during which you can tell the team everything about your upcoming wedding and clarify your wishes for the wedding video. With your vision and their artistic sense, these wedding video experts will create a movie that is perfect for the two of you— the ideal reminder of the day your marriage began.

Location Details

229 Newman Springs Road
Tinton Falls, NJ
(732) 567-4306

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