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New Brunswick City Center

FBestofNJ-com Client's Website Buttonounded in 1985 to oversee one of the first Special Improvement Districts (S.I.D.) established in the State of New Jersey, New Brunswick City Market is a nonprofit corporation that has made great strides in the revitalization of New Brunswick’s downtown core.

City Market is governed by a Board of Directors comprising property owners and merchants, business, community, and government representatives, dedicated to revitalizing downtown New Brunswick by improving the economic vitality of the central business district.

New Brunswick City Market

City Market works to enhance the quality of life for those who live, work and visit New Brunswick, by providing supplemental cleaning services, district landscaping and physical improvements and marketing programs. City Market promotes the New Brunswick business district as a place to experience its culture, history, art, quaint shops, and premier restaurants.

New Brunswick, New Jersey is a vibrant city of 55,000 residents, a number that triples during the business day with college students, corporate and business employees, hospital and health care workers and visitors. It is a community with richly diverse neighborhoods, a bustling downtown, and an innovative and popular cultural arts center.

New Brunswick City Market

Within a few city blocks converge Johnson & Johnson’s world headquarters, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, the country’s largest medical school, two premiere academic hospitals, three professional theaters, over fifty dining establishments, and two four-star hotels.

New Brunswick is rich in historic sites of local and national significance. In 1730, the City of New Brunswick was so named in honor of the English royal house of Brunswick and became a colonial center for trade and commerce. Rutgers University, founded in New Brunswick in 1766, was the eighth college to be founded in the colonies and the only state university to have existed before the Revolutionary War. New Brunswick figures prominently into the history of the American Revolution and early United States.

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109 Church St
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901

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