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For centuries, fishermen and their families lived by the shores of the BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonMediterranean Sea, drawing their daily catch of fish from its teeming waves. Molos is a restaurant that prizes the same freshness, variety, and flavor for every seafood dish served up to its guests. Mediterranean and Greek cuisine are celebrated every day at Molos.

The restaurant has two floors. On the first floor, you’ll find a pleasant dining room, crisply outfitted in modern decor. Guests visit this portion of the establishment daily to partake of the delicious fare or to enjoy specialty drinks during Happy Hour. Upstairs is a private dining area, which is available for use for all sorts of events, from weddings and birthday parties to business luncheons and anniversary dinners. The second floor is spacious enough to allow for 120 seated guests.

Molos image 5The floor-to-ceiling windows at Molos create perfect lighting throughout the day, as well as gorgeous views of the city skyline across the Hudson River. The dramatic views of New York City are one of the highlights at Molos; you’ll find your eyes being drawn to the glittering water and tall skyscrapers no matter where you are seated in the restaurant.

Molos provides a delicious weekend brunch that includes appetizers such as fresh fish tacos, calamari and grilled octopus with eggplant puree. Organic eggs make dishes like the Lobster Benedict and Croque Madam even more delicious and healthy. Indulge in a Truffle Mushroom Omelet, enjoy a Grecian Frittata, or try the Broken Nest, a savory concoction of shoestring fries, artisan sausage and three organic eggs served sunny-side up.

On Sundays, Molos also hosts the Lobster Feast, a mouthwatering celebration of the famously tasty scarlet shellfish. If you’re at Molos for dinner and you’d like something lighter, try the Watercress Salad, complete with manouri cheese, walnuts, beets and a zesty citrus dressing. Delicious desserts, served up with artistic style, close out the meal perfectly. No matter what time of day or week it may be, you’re sure to find something you love on the menu.

If you crave the delectable cuisine at Molos, but you prefer another venue, ask about Molos’s catering service. Molos caters for parties of various sizes, providing a lavish spread for your wedding reception or a grand dinner for your extended family at your home.

Are you ready to make a reservation at Molos? Call 201-223-1200 to save the date for your special event. The calm, sophisticated atmosphere will set you at ease, and the friendly staff and servers will do everything in their power to help you feel relaxed. If you’re at Molos to celebrate your wedding, you’ll receive special care to ensure that you have the best possible experience. The venue is in high demand, so make your reservation early to secure a delicious and restful visit along with your guests.

Location Details

1 Pershing Road,
Weehawken, New Jersey 07086

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