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Martin’s Accent Wedding Videos

Are you looking for someone who can tell your love story? Martin’s Accent Wedding Videos offers top-notch videographers who employ a rare mix of subtlety and skill as they gather premium video footage of your wedding ceremony and reception. Martin’s video guys and girls pride themselves on nabbing the perfect video without getting right in people’s faces or dragging around a lot of large piece of equipment. Instead, it’s a ninja-style operation, in and out, with the job well done.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonWhen John Martin founded Martin’s Video in the late 1970s, he did a lot of casino surveillance and part-time video production. It was only a matter of time before Martin’s expertise drew the attention of couples interested in having him shoot their wedding videos. Later, the business changed its name to reflect its specialty— Martin’s Accent Wedding Videos.

Martin's Accent Video image 2When you first talk to the team at Martin’s, you’ll get the big-picture overview of how the process works. Martin doesn’t shoot the video himself, but a capable, experienced videographer from his staff does the job perfectly. If you’re on a strict budget for your wedding, Martin’s is the place to go. Paying for a wedding video in New Jersey can be extremely pricey; yet Martin’s can make it happen within the financial parameters that you have. They offer a base package and a variety of extras and add-ons, which means that you can customize and build your own video package to perfectly suit your wishes and your budget.

Martin’s Video will stay in touch with you throughout the remaining days until the wedding, just in case you have last-minute changes or requests. In fact, they have a reputation among brides for replying to emails promptly and handling all paperwork efficiently. They are responsive, flexible, and accommodating, right up until the last minute.

Your videographer will show up right on time, ready to capture some unforgettable moments. He or she will blend into the background, collecting footage without being obtrusive. Each videographer is completely professional, as well as courteous, kind, and ready to do whatever is necessary to make your day better. If you opt for the package that includes two cameras, you’ll have two videographers working together throughout your venues to catch every minute of the magic; and they won’t ever be in your way. In fact, you’ll barely notice them.Martin's Accent Video image 1

Once the videographer finishes videotaping the wedding and the reception, the raw footage goes back to the studio, where it is digitally processed and edited by experts. Typically, Martin’s asks you to chek in about the wedding video around 60 days after the event. You’ll receive the completed edition shortly afterwards, along with any extras included in the package you customized. Martin’s delivers a wedding video that truly encompasses the magic and meaning of the day.

Martin’s videographers shoot in documentary style, but they also like to have fun. They love capturing the moments of mischief and laughter at your wedding as well as the moments of elegant and taste. Call Martin’s Video at 609-625-6633 today to set up your consultation, or fill out the online form instead.

Location Details

6039 Dannenhauer Ln
Mays Landing, NJ 08330
(609) 625-6633

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