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Marquis Florals & Event Design By Kim

When you first look at wedding venues or reception halls, you might think the spaces look a little plain. Uplighting does wonders for a dance hall or dinner reception, but the real star of the decor is the flowers. Imagine towering floral centerpieces gracing the dinner tables or flowers trailing over the archway under which you say your vows. When you use Marquis Florals, you’ll be in love with the breathtaking results.

BestofNJ-com Client's Website ButtonKim at Marquis Florals does it all— the bouquets, the boutonnieres, the corsages and other arrangements that give life to your wedding space and make it special. Like most brides, you probably have a specific budget set for your flowers, and Kim will help you create the floral package you need while honoring that budget; Kim can show you ways to get the same “wow factor” without emptying your pockets.

Is there a particular flower that has special meaning for you? Perhaps your groom-to-be gave you a bouquet on some special occasion that you would like replicated or reflected in your wedding flowers. Marquis Florals can take photos or descriptions of what you want to see and create the perfect tribute to the original bouquet.

Sometimes, brides-to-be are not exactly sure what they want with regards to the flowers. If you aren’t certain about the flower types or combinations that you prefer, don’t worry. Kim and the team at Marquis Florals will absorb your description of the atmosphere, mood, and color scheme of the wedding and develop a sample for you to see. You’ll be amazed at how skillfully Kim can take a fragile, fleeting idea and translate it into a beautiful reality.

Marquis Florals image 6You’ll have an initial chat with Kim so that she can gather ideas and direction from you. After you approve the sample and finalize the contract, Kim remains in touch, answering your questions as necessary and providing you with the assurance you need that your flowers will arrive on the wedding day in all their pristine glory. If you have any last-minute additions, let Kim know and she will do her best to accommodate all your wishes.

Kim excels at the artistry involved in floral presentation. She can arrange special draping for seating areas, set up unique lighting, and add floral details to the cake or to wedding favors. Browse Kim’s gallery of her work to see her flawless creations.

Marquis Florals image 5Planning your floral arrangements and ordering your flowers does take time, so reserve Kim’s services early. You can email her at, or you can contact the showroom at 732-441-4800. Kim also has a separate number for her production location at 732-566-1588. Set up your appointment well in advance of the wedding so that you can relax and enjoy the process of selecting the best bouquet styles and centerpieces for your special day.

Location Details

286 Route 34 South
Matawan, NJ 07747
(732) 441-4800

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