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Live Picture Studios (Video + Photo)

Have you ever pictured yourself as the star of a Hollywood movie? You may never have that experience, but you can come close to it when you choose Live Picture Studios to film and design your wedding video.
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You’ll begin with a free consultation with Live Picture Studios. They’ll show you some examples of what they can do, and you’ll have the opportunity to share your ideas for the video. During your brainstorming session with the team, they will help you storyboard some unique ways to achieve the movie-like look and feel that you want for the finished product.

Live Pic Studios image 1On the day of your wedding, the team will make it a priority to arrive on time or a little early. The videographers who film your wedding will be using top-notch equipment to capture high-definition footage with superior color and clarity. Whether you use one or two video camera experts, you’ll barely notice them as they expertly weave their way through the event, from the preparation phase to the ceremony, to the cocktail hour and the reception. Your videographers take their job very seriously, and they know when to facilitate a moment and when to stand back and let it happen.

Once the raw footage goes to the next stage, it will be beautifully edited using cutting-edge filmmaking techniques and software. You’ll be thrilled with the cinematic quality of your video and with the story of your romance and your wedding day. Live Picture Studios guarantees specific services and quality to each one of their clients. They promise clear, open communication from the first contact to the end of the process.Live Pic Studios image 4

Any package you order through them is given the utmost attention to ensure high quality content creation. The company has set up a smooth, efficient workflow to keep everything on track and organized. Plus, they back up all their data so that there is no fear of the precious footage being lost. You’ll get every bit of the raw data included with whatever package you select, at no additional cost. Imagine a photographer with years of experience and a fresh perspective, equipped with high-quality equipment to ensure the perfect shot. Now imagine two of those photographers at your wedding, helping you and your bridal party find the right poses, roaming through the venues snapping priceless candid photos that you’ll treasure forever. That’s what you’ll receive when you hire Live Picture Studios to do your photography as well as your wedding video. Why spend time hunting down a photographer when you can obtain a reliable, excellent one through the same group that’s doing your wedding video? Offering photography services makes Live Picture Studios your one-stop shop for wedding memories. In fact, you’ll receive a discount when you do a combined photography and videography package. Send Live Picture Studios an email at or call 862-244-5897. To set up a time for your free consultation, you can fill out the form on their website, and a representative from Live Picture Studios will contact you promptly.


My husband and I decided to use Live Picture Studios after a friend of ours used them for his wedding. We were blown away by their video and though we almost decided not to get a video at all, we decided to go ahead after seeing theirs.


Live Picture Studios was fantastic! We couldn’t be happier with them. They were easy to work with beforehand, great the day of, and we LOVE the finish product! They captured the entire day perfectly without getting in the way at all the during the big day.


I couldn’t be more thrilled with choosing LPS for our wedding videographers. This was by far the best decision we had made and friends and family can attest to it after seeing the Highlight.


Wow! Simply amazing. Beautiful. Those are the words that best describe LPS’s work. When we received our highlight reel, we were completely blown away by the amazing editing and production work!


I cannot say enough positive things about Live Picture Studios! My husband and I were tremendously impressed by their professionalism and desire to capture our story in a genuine and meaningful way.


Working with Live Picture Studios was amazing! They captured the emotions that overcame us and our guests! Their team is so passionate about providing the best cinematic wedding film a bride and groom could ever ask for!


Location Details

591 Summit Ave
Jersey City, NJ
(862) 244-5897

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